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Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Finally Friday....

Well congratulations if you made it this far, it's been quite a week, we've had flu, followed by fabulous camera adventures, followed by a funeral and celebration of an old friends awesome life (and you truly were awesome Ian, we had some adventures and got up to mischief back in the day) which ended too soon followed by an ambulance and trip to casualty when Abigail fell off her rollerboot whilst trying to put the other boot on, I'm not entirely sure why she thought that was a great idea but hey ho, she's elevated today, she did tell me she was going to have to keep it levitated which made me chuckle!

I think that's about enough stuff to fit into one week, this weekend I have some mini sessions in Jesmond Dene, all filled but if you're crazing a fabulous mini session for your kids or family I have some availability next weekend, Tynemouth on Saturday and Saltwell Park on Sunday.  I'm also off to meet a squishy new baby at home on Sunday, looking forward to that one a lot, I love teeny weeny people!

So in honour of Friday I want to post this video which I was made aware of thanks to the ever awesome Darren, don't forget to sing-along now.

Frozen is out on DVD and Blu Ray on 31st of March, you can pre-order it here (yes I obviously already have)

Have a wonderful spring weekend everyone!

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