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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quirky wedding venues in the North East of England

Being a photographer in Newcastle and the North East of England for the last 6 years has afforded me the luxury of visiting many wonderful venues, and the best thing for me is because I mainly shoot weddings which are quirky or different I've managed to build up a lovely list of quirky venues which I would personally recommend.

There may be venues I've missed out and I'd love to hear your personal recommendations but here with the links (because I'm lovely dear reader) are my top recommendations of quirky venues to get married at or have your reception at if you are currently planning your wedding.

St Marys Lighthouse - 

now you can't really get anywhere more quirky than getting married in a Lighthouse!!

The Winter Gardens in Hexham, literally no one knows about this place - 

Guyzance Hall is amazing, you get the whole place to use as your own for the entire weekend and family and friends can stay in cottages based around the hall, the views are amazing, the staff are wonderful and it's completely unique

Woodhill Hall is near Otterburn, I've actually not been but my colleagues tell me it's beautiful, unique and the staff are lovely, it's also in the middle of the most beautiful countryside

Bamburgh Castle, 

Cheaper than Alnwick Castle, owned privately and I believe they have amazing service, it's certainly the most beautiful location of I think all of the castles.

Of course if you are getting married and you want to go with a grand castle or maybe you are a Harry Potter fan you might want to consider

Alnwick Castle or Durham Castle, both have been featured in the movies and you can point them out to the guests.

It's not that long since I was watching the first Harry Potter with my Harry Potter obsessed daughter and I realised it was in the room above (The Bishops Suite) which I think is used as the Hogwarts common room, please forgive me if I'm wrong about which room they use it as, she's the huge fan, I'm just the mum!

Chillingham Castle

You want quirky, this place has quirky by the bagful, named as the most haunted castle in the country it even has it's own torchure chamber, the funny thing is that I think when they have weddings it's closed to the public, the gardens are amazing and if you want a ghost or two at your wedding then this is the place

Cuddystone Hall,

Now this one nobody even knows about, it's about as remote as you can get, no one will be able to use their phones, it's in the middle of the Cheviots near Wooler, it's not grand like some of the big halls and castles and to be honest no one really knows about it which is one reason you should probably check it out

If you're planning your wedding at any of these venues or maybe even somewhere else and you'd like to talk with me about photographing your wedding day please click through to wedding photographer Newcastle/my facebook page or just drop me an email, I offer photography from just 1 hour right through to the whole day and if you do email me I'll send you over my latest pricing brochure.


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