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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So, this is what I've been up to lately [newcastle wedding and portrait photographer]

In addition to lounging around the countryside in a tent I've also been working really hard as usual but because I'm so busy I never really devote enough time to blogging so here's one of those famous catchup posts with highlights of my latest work.

When Julie and Stephen from Applause Accountancy Services wanted some new headshots I of course was delighted to shoot them, I don't do boring headshots, remember when people first see your photo thats the overall impression they're going to get of you and your business so why would you want to have a bland white background? Take this opportunity to show your personality and get out on location if possible.

Burnside School are building a new website so I got to go and spend the day in the life of a school, I had a wonderful time with the kids and teachers and again I captured things in my very own style, after all who wants a boring website?!

Harry is one of the last babies I've photographed, here with his little bear how cute is he?

I spent a week in Ponteland photographing the kids and parents of Kindermusik, these little ones have such fun responding to music, if you have a baby aged 0-4 then your kids are going to love this, they'll dance and sing and spin and jump and play with parachutes, it really is an amazing thing to do with your little one

and so to that band we all know and love, Villain Thomas who held the launch for their new EP "The Waters down at As You Like It last week, an incredible night with amazing music, lots of friends and familiar faces, full blog post coming on this later this week.

Oh look it's James of My Other Life with his beautiful wife Anila, news coming soon of our project we're working together on

Backing dancers?

ah Olivia, what a poppet, I wish all little ones were as smiley and full of sunshine as this little one

Finally it's Olivia, William and family down on the beach at Tynemouth, lovely kids and even the dog played

and so thats my brief history of the last month, sure I've still managed to miss bits and pieces but I'll get there and so if you are looking forward to a long hot summer it's a brilliant time to book your family portraits, you can get in touch or see more of my work by going to my all new and wonderful spangly website

If you are looking for headshots, want an event shot, or want to commission me for your special project then get in touch, I love my wonderful varied life of fantastic people and wonderful projects, there's pretty much nothing I can't photograph and put my own quirky spin on!

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