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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The wedding of Li and Phil and Wedding Photo of the Year 2010 news - [photographer newcastle,]

Wedding Photo of the year closes at Midnight tonight and I'm still in second place and yes I know that it would be amazing to have the second favourite wedding photo of the year but to me it feels like I should still be trying to win so please if you have 2 seconds and you haven't voted yet could you please vote for number 7 :)

and while we are on the subject of gorgeous wedding photos, last weekend I shot my friends Li and Phils wedding which was so romantic and lovely that I cried behind my camera.

How gorgeous is Li, you know if you meet her for lunch she looks just as good as this during the week!!

The dashing groom, first time i'd ever seen Phil in a suit, I think he looks quite dapper

Li and Phil were mobbed shall we say by a very enthusiastic Busker, it was hilarious though I'm quite glad he didn't come anywhere near me as he was a tad eccentric and thats me saying that!

I know Li and Phil love their photos and thanks also to Tommy Jackson who second shot for me and generally helped when cars didn't arrive etc.

Li and Phil, my dear friends, I hope we'll be friends for a very long time to come and I hope you all have the happiest of marraiges and a wonderful life together and always remember "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

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