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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mandy Charlton is an award winning photographer {award winning wedding photographer, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham}

I always wanted to say that, I see it on so many websites and always wonder what the various people have won and now I am actually award winning, thanks to wedding photo of the year 2010 where I came second and got the Silver Medal, second from 700 is no mean feat and when I tell you that this photographer used to be agoraphobic and not even let her husband go out to work only around 5 or 6 years ago you'll realise just how very proud I am of myself.

It's been such a long road and although it's been a rollercoaster at times, it's been a fun one, I can't thank people enough for all their support, my friends, my family and all you lovely people who hire me and then become my friends too!

So whats in store for the future, well hopefully I'll enter the competition again this year and win!  This was my very first competition entry ever so to do so well is remarkable and now I have something to aim for.  You know at times it's been unbearable, the public vote is always the hardest to achieve, especially if like me you're not really into the whole self promotion thing and I'm not, it's taken me so long to even rate myself in the professional world.

I reckon my daughters are the most pleased about this, they bounded in from school and said that from 700 to come 2nd is a win and they're proud of me so thats quite enough for me.

So, this photo was taken in March 2010 and this photo below was taken in March 2011, a possible entry for next year?

well you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!



wedding jewellery said...

You have done fantastically coping with Agorophobia, as a sufferer of anxiety disorder I have a tiny idea how difficult it must have been for you. Congratulations on your award and good luck for next year!

david west said...

Congratulations Wendy, no small achievement !!! a beautiful image too..

I'm jealous, watch out next year though ;)

well done


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