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Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Toam - she's a pocket-sized bundle of fun

I love Toam, and I mean that whole-heartidly, just an hour with her leaves me feeling happy, smiley and delighted.  I've photographed her 4 times over the first year of her life and been lucky enough to see her lots more too, I can't wait for her Thank You ceremony when we'll say thank you to God for her, it's such a special thing to do.

So, some photos from Thursday  and I want to say my own personal thank you to Toam for being my pocket-sized little friend and to her mummy and daddy Heather and Joel for being great friends and allowing me to document the first year of Toams life.

1 comment

Toam said...

You're fab! Thank you for smiling at me.

Lots of love and applause

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