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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Sophie - [Kids Photographer Durham]

At the beginning of February I popped to Durham to meet 8 month old gorgeous girl Sophie.

What a lot of fun this little girl is -


Suspicion - Just who are you strange lady with the big pointy thing which flashes?


Luckily the suspicion didn't last for too long and I got tons of gorgeous smiles.


I love putting Toddlers in front of black screens, I just let them get on with entertaining me and record the fun!



Of course I still love that muted vintage style too.

When I go to photograph kids I like to capture parents as well because as I always tell mums and dads even if you don't like photographs of yourself your kids will appreciate it so much, it's their history after all!


Sophie is on my milestones programme with lots of other little poppets, over the next year she'll have 4 shoots and after every shoot she'll be getting a DVD slideshow, a 10x8 of her favourite image and a web gallery for 30 days and all for an all inclusive price of £150, if you want more details on our milestones programme please click through to my website or give me a call at the numbers on the banner

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