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Friday, September 18, 2009

A little Musing on Derren Brown

For the past week and a half the country has become Obsessed with Derren Brown and how he managed to correctly predict the lottery, I myself have been a daily reader of internet news articles, You tube videos showing split screens and suchlike.

Derren Brown is so brilliant and yet infuriating at the same time, even when he tells you he's telling you the truth, he'll quickly say that maybe he's not!

I'm one of those irritating people who doesn't really enjoy magic because I always want to know how it's done, I see lots of magicians at weddings and though they are usually brilliant I still can't help myself wondering how did he do that rather than just sitting back and enjoying it.

This last week and a half I have literally scoured the internet for answers, journalists, magicians, commentators and even some of the 24 who helped "predict" have come out of the woodwork.

It's funny because it's enthralled a nation and whether you love him or hate him everyone has an opinion, I'm guessing lottery sales are up and Camelot are happy, I know that Derren will be delighted, you have to have the X Factor to be able to create the kind of reaction he has, I wish I could even do just a teeny bit of that for my business but my magic skills lie in the art of photography and not in strange tricks disappearing elephants and eiffel towers!

Tonight Derren is going to hypnotise us all and glue us to our seats, now this in itself is a strange old thing because I thought that there were rules governing hypnosis on TV and I do kind of worry about the more suggestible citizens of the UK tonight, I have to include hubby in that too as he's incredibly suggestible. I'm counting on it not working on me, I'm too analytical, I'm the hypnotists worst nightmare, I'm a control freak too unlike Paul who likes to leap in and let himself go with 2 feet!

Whatever you think of Derren you have to admire the buzz he's created, something which all businesses would love to do, I know I'll be tuning in and when Paul is stuck to the settee like superglue I'll still be asking "how on earth did he just do that?"

You have been entertained!

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James Pearson said...

I'm worried that I'll be stuck to my seat tonight as I've always been a bit susceptible to the power of suggestion. When I was in an audience at a hypnotist show I just put up with my hands being stuck together for half of the show as I didn't want to go up on stage to have them fixed!

I felt rather heavy in my seat after only seeing the Derren Brown preview last week! Scary.

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