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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Laughing, Learning and Shooting

On Saturday a great bunch of friends and fellow photographers got together with 2 gorgeous models to shoot an urban spectacular in an effort of bonding, learning and fun. I got shown some really funky lighting tricks, my favourite of which involved straws!! I'd link to them all but I'd be here forever but Jamie, James, Matt, Mark, and Chris, I had a blast and yes I can't wait to do it all again in the very near future.

Photographers, I can't encourage you enough to make friends with other photographers, you'll learn and grow, you'll have fun and you'll have friends who actually know what the hell you're talking about when you have those camera geeky moments, if you're really lucky they may even teach you a drinking game or two ;o)

So, I'm pretty sure that the guys have the most awesome and inspiring shots and I know I'm pretty bloody chuffed with the stuff I shot and I have no problem with saying that compared with the guys I know virtually nothing, they are off camera lighting geniuses!

Wanna see some shots?

Tammy, one of our gorgeous Models

and Lauren, our other beautiful hardworking Model.

I really wanted to share the kinds of things which go on and wanted to record the process as well as the results.

I love this one.

and this one too!

Spot James in the back Enhancing (ruining) the shot!

Jamie was literally risking his life for this shot, below lies the central reservation motorway.

This whole experience has left me itching for more and makes me appreciate the great friends I have in my life, all brought through the medium of photography, it beats staying home watching Saturday Kitchen of a weekend!!


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