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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Martin and Kerrys Wedding at Close House - The Full Lowdown! [wedding photographer northumberland]

I posted just a few sneaks from Kerry and Martins gallery earlier in the week, well now that I've got to the end of the processing I can share a fuller picture of their glorious day at Close House.

Kerry's Arrival

This one, I love because I didn't ask them to look and I was trying to just observe but they caught my eye and what a happy photograph.

again, he caught my eye, looking a wee bit nervous waiting for Kerry to walk down the aisle.

with dad walking down the aisle

a lovely moment from the ceremony.


Unhappy flowergirl who was desperately shy early in the day.

Having fun at the reception

One of my faves from the day

That little flowergirl was so gorgeous and much happier in the afternoon!

I hope you've enjoyed this extended highlights edition, Martin and Kerrys wedding was simply the most delightful day and I had a ball!


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