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Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Mandy's Great Summer Bus Adventure - The Trial Run

 Mandy’s Great Summer Bus Adventure-Trial Run…

Mandy's great bus adventure, mandy charlton, photographer, writer, blogger

I’m about to do something slightly bonkers and I’d like you all to join in. Did you know that the £2 single bus fare scheme has been extended to October?
I want to see how far I can get on a bus and I’m doing a trial run tomorrow and I’m going to need your help to make it even more fun. I love travelling so much and after starting to take CBD oil and gummies every single day my anxiety has subsided to be the best it's ever been in years. Believe me, I could not have done this 6 months ago.
Tomorrow morning I’ll set off on a bus from Newcastle to Carlisle, one of the longest single journeys you can do from Newcastle.
Here’s where you come in, when I get there I’ll assess where I can get to on the bus from there, I’ll give you 3 choices and you get to decide, if you want to join in you can follow along on Facebook or, Instagram
I’ll spend the night wherever I end up and on Friday morning we’ll do the same thing from wherever I am and the same again on Saturday. I plan to get 2 buses every day with a break in between for the loo/lunch and a little exploring. I’m coming home on Sunday (probably by train) from wherever I end up. And then next month I plan to do this for an entire week. I’ll be using and Airbnb along the way to book last-minute accommodation and who knows where I’ll end up. The bus companies I'll be using will mostly depend on where I end up but Stagecoach is a national bus company and in England, all of the single fares are £2
It could be deep in the Lake District or over to Scotland, who knows?! I’ve not checked the places you can get from Carlisle to on the bus!! Will it be @arrivabusuk or will it be @stagecoach_bus who knows!
Are you ready for a giant adventure? I definitely am!! If you'd like to really hop on board with me you can buy me a virtual coffee at I'm doing this on an incredibly tiny budget, I had planned to blog along the way but since my MacBook pro screen died it's plugged permanently into a monitor. I hope to get a Macbook Air in the future as soon as I can afford it but currently, I'll just be doing socials from my phone and blogging when I come back. I will be saving up all of my virtual coffee's to help get a new MacBook and it will also help with the hotel costs, bus fares may be cheap but hotels aren't so much.
You’ll be able to follow across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and I can’t wait to share it all with you. It’s time to be free!!

Want to sponsor my big summer bus adventure?

In August I plan to take a week to see how far I can get using only buses and I'm actively looking for sponsors for that so if you'd like to get involved please drop me an email and let's do this!!

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The Engineering Projects said...

Wow, the bus looks incredible, I would like to have a ride on it. I hope it got all the modern automation features.

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