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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The iPhone XS Max vs The Huawei P30 Pro

garden at night photograph taken with the Huawei P30 in night photo mode, the iphone xs max vs huawei P30 Pro by Mandy Charlton, Photographer, writer, blogger

When the Huawei P30 Pro was launched it was everywhere, every ad I seemed to see online extolled the virtues of this new kid on the block with its quad camera and sleek look with the mermaid back.  I got in touch with my friends at Three and they quickly sent one out for me to road test.

I've used the iPhone ever since the iPhone 3G and I've tried many times to swap to other things, I've tried the Samsung range a couple of times but overall I've never found anything which comes close to my iPhone, whatever generation it was.
The huawei p30 pro takes a pretty good photo in aperture mode, mandy charlton, Photographer, writer blogger

I've been using the XS Max since it was first released having upgraded from the X (pronounced 10) and I absolutely love it.  The portrait mode makes many images indecipherable from the ones I shoot for clients with my pro body equipment.  So much so that the only time I use my pro bodies is when I'm being paid for portraits or weddings.  My Instagram is 99% iPhone photos and the only times I've ever felt it could have been better were at night when it's virtually impossible to use portrait mode with good results.

The Huawei P30 does look sleek, it's lighter than the iPhone and overall, it feels shiny, it's maybe too shiny, to the point where I knew I was bound to drop it if I wasn't careful.  I tested it over a period of days and barring one feature, I really wasn't impressed although it is to be noted that it is around £600 cheaper than the latest iPhone.

Instagram stories were a fail for me completely, it either posted them with the voice out of sequence to the photos or the sound was so awful, it felt like I was talking from the inside of a tin.  The portrait mode on the camera was good but it didn't recognise Holly Bobbins face in the same way that the iPhone does.  It does, however, come with a separate aperture mode and for the most part, this makes for better images though it should be noted that the images straight out of the camera are much cooler and have a magenta tinge.

The only mode where it completely outdid the iPhone is night photo mode when it produced an image in the dark which I'll be honest, I was not expecting.  If it had of produced similar astounding images in other modes then I might have considered upgrading although I'm still not a huge fan of the Android operating system although that may be down to personal taste.

It goes without saying that I really wanted to love this phone, a phone with 4 cameras produces immense capabilities if you're a photographer like me who doesn't always want to be attached to a bulky DSLR but for now I'm going to be sticking with my current phone, well at least until the next version of the iPhone is released this autumn.

I was loaned a Huawei P30 Pro from Three, I was not paid to write this article or recompensed in any other way.


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