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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Entrepreneur Secrets from a CEO

Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a CEO is harder, running businesses, there are no short cuts, it's like some kind of psychotropic warfare (can you imagine that?) no one knows how it's going to end and you're not really sure how you're going to get to the place you want to be.

I've been an entrepreneur all of my life, I've always had the ideas and an unusual way of looking at things, I can see businesses from the outside with great ease and I can see business ideas everywhere, this of course doesn't count for my own businesses and this is normal, it's a lot easier to look outward than it is to work out what you need to do so you can yourself achieve.  Here's the thing though, we're so lucky now in the age of the internet to have mentors everywhere, approachable business people who really want you to achieve.  At The Inspire Network, our whole mission statement is to educate, inspire and empower female entrepreneurs everywhere and that's why I'm proud today to support a fellow female entrepreneur, Jayne of Allow Focus Monthly.

You see, when you start a business you're often still working a 40 hour week, it's hard to find the time to grow your business or to go and get help with the things you need, when I started my business it was about 2 years before I found a mentor or even asked other photographers questions, I just went about things my own way, made lots of mistakes but then achieved amazing things.  Today because of the wonders of the internet there are so many people around to ask, like us at Inspire Success and there are tools to help you on the way when you are starting up whilst still running a business.

When Jayne got in touch she offered me an affiliate link but because I passionately believe in this startup I'm not going to use it, I'm simply sharing this box with my world, my network, my women because I think each and every one of you could use this in your life.

So in each monthly box you'll find tools to motivate you, things to keep you accountable, things to help you plan your future and maybe a little treat or two just for you because you're working so hard to build a better life not just for you but for your family, those who love and support you.  I think as a female entrepreneur my mark of success isn't anything to do with money, it's when my kids tell me they're proud of me that I feel like I'm achieving the best things for them and for me.

Allow Focus Monthly subscription box, Mandy Charlton, CEO of The Inspire Network

I actually don't think there's anything else like this out there at the moment and it's even better for me that Jayne is from Yorkshire as we have our own North Yorkshire Inspire group based in Thirsk so I'm hoping if I ask her nicely she might come and speak at one of our meetings.  Often I think, as an entrepreneur there's the greatest of joy in the simplest of products, they're the ones which end up being the most successful and this is simple, beautiful and full of inspiration.  I for one cannot wait to have some time to read Carrie Green's "She Means Business" and when Looby and I finally get ourselves away for a proper sunshine holiday where I can have some time to lie on a lounger and read, this book is the one I'm taking with me.

I love the Allow Focus Monthly box and really, although it's aimed at women starting a business whilst still employed I think it's got a bigger reach than that, as an entrepreneur you never stop learning, you constantly crave inspiration so you can make it to the next level, this box is for all female entrepreneurs everywhere and I just wish I'd thought of it first!!

I was kindly sent this box by Jayne and have no problem at all recommending it to all of my friends and colleagues within The Inspire Network.  I declined the offer of becoming an affiliate because for me this was not about financial gain (actually if I was more financially motivated I'd have a busier life but not a happier one) this was about supporting a fellow female entrepreneur.


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