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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dreaming of Donald Trump....

You know when it's summer and it's all going well, the skies are sunny, the flowers are in bloom and everything in life is good?  And then your daughter gives you her summer cold, yes the one with the fever.

I'm on day two and my first night hallucinations were all about melted cheese, and last night I couldn't get the thought of Donald Trump out of my head, more precisely, his effect on The Inspire Network, why can't I just have normal fever hallucinations?  

Today is the day it needs to stop, I need sleep, I'm looking after 3 dogs whilst Abigail goes on holidays with her dad and I have a wedding and I have piles and piles of work, I need some gloriously happy me time and thankfully whilst I might not be able to escape to the country right now I can at least have a bath with some Elderflower Fizz bath salts.  Today is the big launch of the new grown up scents from I love Cosmetics and I was lucky enough to be offered a big bundle of them to try.  Now you know me, if I don't like something I'm honest enough to say but I actually love the Elderflower Fizz bath salts, it's like champagne and an English wedding on a summers day, it's like a village fete with cheese scones made by the hands of angelic grandmas, it's a chance to escape to the scents of hazy, lazy summer scents even in the midst of a dark December day, this forty something lady approves and honestly I didn't think I would!

There are lots of lovely new scents in the range from English rose to Violet dreams (think Palma Violets), some of them are not quite as grown up as me but I know my teenagers will love every single scent and though I have to admit that I'm never going to be a body butter type of lady, the girls will be, I think I missed my window on body butters and at the age of 44 I'm probably too set in my own ways although you never know, I didn't actually have my first eyebrow wax until I was in my mid 30's.

So suffice to say I've hidden a lot of the products so I can give them to the girls at Christmas, don't tell them if you see them but I shall be bathing regularly in the Elderflower fizz.

It's been another busy and phrenetic week and I'm craving some down time, I think the issue is that when we went away last and ended up coming home early I just didn't feel like I'd had a break, I was constantly worried, everyone seemed to want a piece of me and I never switched off and that's something I definitely need, it's just finding the time to fit a 3 or 4 day escape in. 

This week has actually been a good one, I had a lovely meeting with some Inspire licensee's, we launched a vetted and checked trade directory in less than 24 hours thanks for a suggestion by some of our lovely licensee's, I've felt this week, more than any that we are heading in the right direction, that we are all supporting each other and that everyone has everyone else's back and the interests of our beautiful network at their very heart.  Our Inspire Success membership has boomed over the last week and that's exciting, every membership takes us a step closer to our goals, every time I check we have more new members so I'm trying not to look too much for fear of whipping myself into an early frenzy and in my current ailed state I'm not sure it would be the best idea.

Anyway, I'm going to crawl back into bed for a while until the germs stop holding me hostage and then I'm off to have a bath in the heady scent of a glorious english summer, for the first time it seems we are having a long, warm, sunny one and that's one thing you will never hear me complaining about, may summer last forever and not as Shakespeare said "summer's lease hath all too short a date"


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