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Friday, August 18, 2017

Twitter made me famous!!!

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This week has been wonderful, it's a week in which I've taken things a little easier, Looby and I have had a bit of a staycation, we've been to the Baltic, we've been to the beach, to Northumberlandia for a simple picnic and yesterday we had a Caribbean BBQ complete with a giant inflatable palm tree, I have a whole post to write dedicated to our BBQ so look out for that coming soon.

Something else also happened this week, my children thought I was cool for about 30 seconds longer than usual, usually I'm cool for 0 seconds!!  So what brought about this epic event?  Well on Tuesday Twitter finally gave me it's seal of approval in the form of the blue verified tick!!  Yes, just me and approximately 290,000 of my closest friends have the verified by Twitter badge which means we are, in Twitters words, an authentic account of public interest!  Who knew, so many people were interested in my general ramblings about beagles, travel and cats?

If you're not following me on Twitter, why in the heck not?  I usually follow back unless you're completely spamalicious!

You know what's been lovely this week?  deliciously long lies in bed, a couple of mornings I was up and at my desk by half seven however, not because I had to be but just because the morning thought I should be up and awake, not a bad thing when you choose it but I suspect the squawking of my alarm will angrily awake me starting tomorrow, I have another one of those hugely busy periods coming up, full of weddings and portraits, it's the start of the long slide into September when things get stupid busy at weekends, dare I say it but autumn is coming.  I actually published my up to date availability yesterday though some of it has since been taken but if you want to book a mini photo shoot over the next few months, you can check out my weekend availability  and as you'll probably note, yep, I don't have any weekends off now until Christmas!

I am planning on travelling though so don't despair, most of our trips will probably be Tuesday to Friday or Monday to Thursday, we're planning on exploring European destinations we've never visited, all part of Looby's home education out in the big wide world!

I am waiting to get paid for some stuff and then booking my plane tickets to Warsaw, it's been a quiet business week and whilst that's been wonderful for energy and enjoying life, it's not been so healthy for my financial state, August tends to be nearly as bad as January financially as the whole world goes on holiday, including me of course and as everyone knows, when your children call you the "Bank of Mum" life can get pretty expensive!  In their defence they really don't ask for a lot, it's just that life in general is expensive isn't it?  Single parenting is not for the feint of heart as I have said many times before.

Speaking of single parenting, I had a message off a man (whom I'm sure is lovely ordinarily) on Eharmony which rejustified the reason I'm never going to find a date on that website, his photos were highlights from the last 10 years and he asked if he could send me an up to date one giving me his phone number, I politely declined and told him I wasn't interested, I mean who gives out their number to a total stranger on a dating site?  I can only bet if I'd given him mine, the next photo I'd seen would be something naked and I'd be scarred for life!  Eharmony, you are the worst dating site I've ever tried, your days are numbered, well to be honest, all dating sites have been pretty bad so I'm removing myself from them all because quite frankly, I'd rather be single!

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