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Monday, April 17, 2017

That's my kind of Easter Weekend

That's My Kind of Easter Weekend, Mandy Charlton, Photographer, blogger, writer, life, love, business

So I've finally made it to some time off after a super busy weekend, I say time off, I still have 10 photo shoots to edit but that can wait for a day or so.  I didn't get any chocolate at all for Easter but I did stuff myself with spring lamb at my Easter open house last night, 8 of us gathered and I served Lamb, a chicken crown and a Quorn roast, I have never felt the need for a bigger cooker/oven more than I did yesterday, in fact, I'm reassuring myself that one day I'm going to buy a double oven/cooker, I entertain so often that it just makes sense!  Now when I say entertain, what I actually mean is that if you ever turn up at my house I will feel compelled to cook or bake for you, it's just my thing, I am never happier than when I am cooking for 8 or 9!  I can tell you that Alexa came in really handy to play kids music to Stacey's little one who at 15 months is completely adorable, I literally get a bit melty every time he comes to see me and does something new, he dances now, it's the sweetest thing!!

You know what this week is about, well mostly it's not about work, I mean I need to work smart to keep an income coming in but mostly, it's about spending time with my kids and any friends who happen to be free, I have no real plans other than I know I am now on the 1 week countdown to Palma de Mallorca.

Yesterday when Abigail came across we looked at restaurants, activities, sights we want to visit and let me tell you, I thought I was a scheduler, the girl is on a mission, it's a minute to minute type action plan, I do hope she's factored in a little do nothing by the pool time although if I'm honest, an hour a day and I'm good, too much to see and do, so much culture to soak up, you only get a few days in these splendid cities so you really do have to see as much as you can whilst you are there.

I'm glad I get to go away with Abigail though, she and I might have our occasional differences but I miss my big girl, she's lived with dad now for 2.5 years and I hate the days when I don't see her, luckily she quite likes spending time with Mama and she's such good company, both my girls are really, they're so completely different, the idea of a cultural and sightseeing holiday is Looby's idea of a nightmare and whilst I want to take her away at the end of May, I'm having to negotiate in some time where we're not just spending time by the pool.

I have weighty issues on my mind currently, since moving onto the HRT patches I've put on more than a stone and I've officially had enough now, I'm doing everything just as I always have and I hate myself in photos so this week I'm going back to the doctors to work on an action plan, whilst I need to be on HRT that works properly, I can't bear being so rotund and with the exception of Easter open house, I am eating well and exercising a lot, particularly with steps so I know where I should be and it's frustrating when my weight isn't shifting at all, I have cut down on a lot of things and so I seem to have stopped gaining but I can't lose the rest!  Meh, it's infuriating!

Other than that though life is pretty splendid and I am feeling so happy and fulfilled in my life and work, it's almost like once I'd removed that pressure to date and find someone that I realised I not only didn't need someone but I was actually happier on my own.  I've been discussing this with friends tonight and here's the thing, I had movie love, whilst my marriage was far from perfect, particularly in the end, I had times where we were just there for each other and nothing else mattered in the whole world, I don't believe that lightening can strike twice like that, that meeting of minds and souls and hearts, I likened it to finding a diamond just lying in the grass, it's so unlikely, not impossible but I won't compromise, you should never compromise, it always ends badly!

And so I hope that this week holds wonders for you and yours and if I don't blog much it's not because I have nothing to say, it's just because I'm out there having a life, building a life and a future for my family and me to truly look forward to.

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