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Friday, April 29, 2016

Lola Jeans Summer Menu Preview, Newcastle upon Tyne

I adore Lola Jeans, both the original in Tynemouth and little sister on Market Street in Newcastle are dog friendly, have a great relaxed vibe, stylish decor and food that tantalises the tastebuds with each exciting mouthful.

Last night I excitedly went along to an exclusive evening to sample their brand new summer menu which launches on Tuesday 3rd May at the Market Street bar and on the 10th of May at the original Tynemouth bar.  I wasn't sure what to expect and hoped they weren't changing things around too much as I love the food so much but I couldn't have been happier, they've not only enhanced the range with some sparkling new choices but some of the firmer favourites still remain.

We started the evening with a welcome cocktail, a Lady Eleanor non the less, they actually go to the trouble of juicing pink lady apples which is then combined with Prosecco, I can see my girlfriends and I happily sipping away on one too many of those on a sunny afternoon and that's what the whole summer menu is really about, even if it's raining (or snowing, heaven forbid but it's possible given the current weather conditions) the menu is so sunshiny, fresh and vibrant that you won't even notice the abhorrent weather outside of the windows!

I won't talk you through every single dish as I know you come here for the photos so I will share with you my highlights and then we'll get straight onto the sumptuous images of the most delicious food I've had for ages.

I think my favourite savoury morsel I stuffed into my greedy little mouth last night was the Chicken Parmigiana sandwich, yes you did hear that right, a Panko and Parmesan breaded chicken breast topped with home made Napoli sauce, crispy rocket and mozzarella all served up in a brioche bun, it's like heaven for your tastebuds, it's sparkly and zingy and every bite makes you feel like you are sitting in Napoli itself.

I won't talk too much about the tribute to Monsters Inc in a burger because I don't want to spoil the surprise but if you are manly and you like a big high stacked rich burger with steak then you want to make sure you order the James P Sullivan, this is definitely one for those who have a man sized appetite!

There was only one sweet treat on the menu last night but it did not fail to disappoint, the gooiest chocolate fudge sauce all enrobed in filo pastry and served up as a chocolate fudge spring roll, oh my goodness, I had 2 of these because I am not ashamed to say that I adore puddings and in fact I hadn't eaten all day in preparation, nothing quite prepares you for the scrumptious delight that is a chocolate fudge spring roll.

and with that I'll just tempt you a little more with my favourite images from last night 

Best friend Harriet was of course ready for the challenge of another night accompanying me to an event but she's definitely got the blogging bug and her Twitter account which concentrates on the delights and wonders of Heaton so go check her out!

Now then, the food I tasted last night was divine but if I'm honest I to eat clean as much as I possibly can and that's not easy when you're eating out with friends so imagine my delight when I received a copy of the new Lola Jeans clean eating menu which launches on the same dates at the summer menu, I just can't wait to try the superfood salad, the clean and mean bun-less burger and Lolas steak and eggs, they've even introduced a brand new baked sweet potato.

I can see Holly Bobbins and I will be frequenting Lola Jeans a whole lot more often when we're going to the beach at Tynemouth or maybe I'll just drag her for an urban walk and call in at the Market Street bar instead.


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