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Monday, January 11, 2016

11 of the best dog friendly places in North East England

Holly Bobbins, my wonderful beagle best friend who loves adventures, days out, holidays, pubs and cake!

It's been a while since Holly Bobbins and I compiled our last list of dog friendly places in the north east so I thought it was time to give you all an update and to help you in your quest to find the friendliest places to take your pooches we'll be scoring places with "Barks out of 10"  Holly came up with that, not me, honest! During our visits we are either on our own, with best friend Petunia the Husky or sometimes we join other lovely doggies too! I should also add that this list is in no particular order and that it was supposed to be the top 10 but I really couldn't narrow it down past 11!

Petunia the Husky is Holly's best friend forever, they see each other nearly every day and we often go out for cake together.

  1. Teasy Does It - Holly and I love Teasy Does It, we go here a lot, there's a friendly welcome, great cake and treats available for all four legged friends. It's located on Heaton Park Road. Barks out of 10 - 9
  2. Heaton Perk - I'd been a regular customer for years but it was only by chance that I found out that they're dog friendly, it's a very chilled out vibe and the food is great, it can get very busy at weekends but we love it in summer when you can sit outside in the lovely backyard. It's located on Heaton Park road, pretty much opposite Teasy Does It. Barks out of 10 - 8
  3. Lola Jeans - I've visited Lola Jeans a couple of times, it's in the city centre on Market Street so a great place for lunch should Holly Bobbins and I fancy ourselves a bit of an urban walkies, they do incredible platters and great tasty morsels, it's got a really chilled out vibe and big comfy sofas and if you are visiting Tynemouth you'll also find another Lola Jeans in the centre of Tynemouth Village.  Barks out of 10 - 8
  4. Heaton Ingredient - A new kid on the block based on Heaton Road, it opened last year and we've never had anything but a lovely welcome, it's petit and the food is amazing, make sure you try the french toast or the Porridge on a platter with toast, perfect breakfast to set you up on a cold and frosty morning. Barks out of 10 - 9
  5. Brandling Villa - Holly Bobbins and I think this the epitome of what a dog friendly place should be, I think in part to the fact that Frank the resident beagle often comes down into the bar for a wander and Holly has the hots for Frank ;) This pub goes to so much trouble that they even have their own doggy menu!  Barks out of 10 - 10
  6. St Mary's Inn - Holly Bobbins and I stayed here, you can read about our dog friendly mini break to the St Mary's Inn and then if you have the woofing puppies you might just want to head there yourselves, I love that you can turn up and have the best afternoon tea, it's the same chef as Jesmond Dene House hotel, a favourite of mine although not dog friendly unfortunately.  Barks out of 10 - 10
  7. The Beehive The Beehive in Earsdon is super dog friendly, you can have a doggy meal deal and you sit in a special dog friendly room, your dog can even partake in some dog beer (non alcoholic) and the rest of the menu for humans is simply fabulous. Barks out of 10 - 9
  8. Surf Cafe, Tynemouth This cosy cafe gets so busy because of the amazing food that you have to be lucky to get a seat but if you can you can be sure the staff will make a fuss of your dogs and give them treats and maybe a tummy rub. Barks out of 10 - 9
  9. Cafe Des Amis I love this cafe in Morpeth, I go there so often they know Holly now and her best friend Petunia, they get treats and cuddles and the staff are always delighted to see us, the dog friendly conservatory is at the back of the coffee house and it's always warm, don't forget to try the cafe coffee, the cafe sandwich and the half and half cake!  Barks out of 10 - 10!
  10. Kitscheners Vintage Cafe This quirky vintage cafe in the dog friendly Land of Green Ginger and dogs are given the loveliest welcome, treats and water bowls, the food is casual dining and they have great cakes and pancakes! Barks out of 10 - 9
  11. Keel Row This lovely little pub sits on the way to Seaton Deleval and has welcomed Holly Bobbins and Petunia the Husky on many occasions, the food is amazing value for money and it's all home cooked, just like granny used to make! - Barks out of 10 - 8
Frank, resident beagle of Brandling Villa

KT belongs to Laura of Sharpe Recruitment and we love her

Do you go to anywhere you would like to recommend Holly and I try, perhaps you are the owners of a dog friendly pub/cottage/restaurant or coffee house, if you are then I want to hear from you, Holly and I are actively looking for new places to stay and review so get in touch right now!


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