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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Best womens camera bag featuring Mooli London

Ever since I first spotted the Mooli range of camera bags I've wanted one so when the chance to work with them came up and they gifted me their beautiful red bag my camera bag has never been quite so brilliant.

My Mooli London Hampton camera bag has traversed with me near and far, it's been to Rome, Barcelona, Pisa, Palma de Mallorca, Cannes...

It's been on trains and planes and cruise ships and it's been all over the North East of England being admired by friends, photographers and clients.

To be honest I use this bag 24/7, it doesn't always have my camera in, it just looks like the most amazing handbag, a thing of beautiful quality and unparalleled good looks.  Looby even agreed to pose with it and I think she would love one for school, most kids have tech these days so why not have a smart handbag to protect it?

I apologise for inflicting these photographs of me on you all, Loobys skill as a photographer is much better than mine as a posing model, one of the reasons I've spent the last 10 years behind the camera and not in front of it.

For any photographers out there who do travel it's the perfect bag, even when it's been on aeroplanes it fits neatly under the seat.  Let me share with you just a few of the places I've been with my camera bag over the last couple of months...

Pisa, reminded me of a set from an Italian mob movie once you were facing away from Miracle Square

The beautiful harbour in Cannes, possibly the most glamorous place I've ever visited.

A beautiful Mediterranean sunset

Palma De Mallorca, really glamorous which is something I'd never imagined about Majorca, I really want to return to this balearic island and spend more time exploring, it's so beautiful and tourism and history mix nicely together without it feeling over commercialised like some places in Spain

The leaning tower of Pisa, a sight to behold and when you sit at the top of it, well it's even more impressive

The Camposanto, Pisa, there were just a few people wandering around the Camposanto in the beautiful November afternoon sunshine, there's nowhere I've ever been which has felt quite so still or special, it was almost a break from the entire world.

When I'm shooting around the world I tend to use the Fuji X system cameras because they're compact and light and they fit neatly into my Mooli bag with all of my other gubbins.  At weddings though I've had in my bag 2 camera bodies, a flash, 3 lenses, makeup bag, purse, iPad, iPhone...  It's literally a bottomless cavern and it's got enough pockets for me, you and the rest of us as well as the fact that it's gorgeously padded with separators you can move around to perfectly fit your camera kit packing needs.

I love the long strap which turns it into a cross body bag, it means I can walk 5 or so miles on a photo shoot and it's still comfortable.

I see no reason now to ever use a new handbag but I do have my eye on another Mooli London Camera Bag, I have my eye on the brown Hampton bag next.

I travelled through Europe on assignment for Cruise International Magazine and you can read all about my adventures on board the Norwegian Epic in the February 2016 issue which is out in the shops on 20th February 2016.


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