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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holly "the chomper" Beagle and the decline of my soft furnishings

I had rather hoped,  dear reader that I would be feeling significantly better by now but blimey I'm still really not well at all, flu is such an awful thing, I got up super early to take pain killers again for my muscle pains, I feel about 4000 years old right now!

I'm thinking of changing Hollys second name to "The chomper" and so she will now be formally known as Holly (the chomper) Charlton, we have a lot in common my beagle and I, we both love our food a little too much, it's just as well I don't actually like to eat wood, rugs or blue lametta, you don't ever want to have to pull blue shiny lametta out of your beagles bottom...

She's definitely keeping me on my toes and it's hard to imagine life without her, she really is my gift from the whole universe.

You'll note that butter wouldn't melt expression whilst being surrounded by soft toy stuffing, RIP Mr Camel!

I think Christmas combined with all of that gift wrapping paper might just be the most exciting thing ever if you are a 6 month old beagle, she's so like a toddler it's unreal, you know instantly if she's quiet and you can't see her then she's probably doing something she shouldn't.  I think someone might be getting some doggy toys to keep her entertained this Christmas, it might mean I have a slightly better chance of still having my remote controls still in one piece!  My rug on the other hand, well lets just say I'll be looking for a new beagle proof one in the January sales.


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