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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kids Photography in Newcastle by Mandy Charlton

So you want to have your kids photographed and you live in Newcastle, I guess I'd like to tell you why you should pick me kids photographer newcastle to do that very task?

Well I have over 7 years of experience and photograph up to 20 sessions every week, 95% of which include kids.

I adore children, have 3 of my own and I think you can't have a bad day when you get to spend your days with little people.

At the last count I'd won over 100 worldwide awards (you can see some of them on Pixoto) for weddings and portraiture.

Whilst I'm not an egotist, far from it in fact (it took me 2 years after starting my business to even be able to say out loud that I was a photographer because I thought people would say "OMG, your stuff is awful) I do think I'm really very good at capturing kids in a natural happy way, whether that be at a 30 minute mini session or a 1 hour portrait session at home or on location.

I think there are a lot of people who photograph children but would you believe me if I said that some of them don't even like kids, I once heard someone say that Children brought him out in a rash and yet they've set themselves up as a childrens photographer.  I'm pretty sure the kids will suss this out, I give them credit for being a lot cleverer than some big people dear reader.  It does really upset me when people who don't like children photograph them, I truly love what I do and I think it shows, I have ended up with so many little adopted nieces and nephews and I love that some of my little clients I've photographed since they were mere bumps and now they're nearly big little people.

I actually can't imagine not photographing kids, I'd be a much less happy person.

And so here's what I've been up to and I think you'll see my love for what I do through these images.

I photographed 10 month old twins this week, there's a double handful of fun, you definitely can't pose them at this age, you just have to sort of wait until they do what you'd like them to do, in this case sit together.

Gosh I adore this furry coat and hat combo, it's a whole bundle of cuteness

a little client who is over here visiting from the US, I think without a doubt every day should have a happy dancing moment!

beautiful, even photo shoots in the home result in quite special images, by the time I left yesterday I had the biggest hugs and she'd even learned to say Mandy which was a bit of a heart melter.

behind the scenes, Looby often comes along to help at photo shoots, here she's looking after clients doggies while I take a photo of the family sans dogs

I love the challenge of shooting in unusual places, this weekend I shot a whole family portrait session at Riding Mill station, it's actually a really beautiful old station and there are plenty of places to get gorgeous photos

This one was in Jesmond Dene, I think another couple of weeks and it'll be beautifully green and leafy again.

If you would like to book a mini session (£20) or a portrait session either at home or location (from £40 per hour) please do get in touch either by email or my facebook business page or my website and no matter what happens please don't accept cheaper imitations.

Have a wonderful Easter and I'll be back again next week with previews of this weekends 10 Easter mini sessions in Saltwell Park (now sadly all sold out but I am booking for 7th of April in Jesmond Dene, morning sessions all gone but afternoons remaining) and weddings at Horton Grange and Jesmond Dene House Hotel


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