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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Leafkicking, Photographs and Christmas Cards

I have pretty much the same problem as all of you out there sitting in your comfy chairs watching the leaves falling from the trees wondering exactly what you're going to do for this years Christmas cards and presents.

I've always made my own Christmas cards for the last few years, I figure that if you have a talent you should use it and of course I have family and friends who are always delighted to get photos or cards featuring Abigail and Looby, one of these years it would be great to have all 3 of the kids on one but I can't see Iain wanting to pose for photos, he never liked sitting for photos at the best of times and now I'm happy if I even manage to get the back of his head in a photo!

So last week I dragged the girls out, told them to look like they were having fun and they gave me 10 whole minutes of their time before exclaiming "Mammy you've had 10 minutes, work with what you've got" nice!

This is what we ended up with -

and this is the final finished card all ready to go out to friends and family, thankfully I don't have a big Christmas card list, hopefully these two smiley faces popping through peoples letterboxes will make someone smile.


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