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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alton Towers and Thorp Perrow, a bank holiday adventure

They're a funny thing Bank Holidays, even though hubby and I are self employed we always try and take bank holidays off unless it so happens that I'm photographing someones lovely wedding.  So this weekend early on Sunday morning we raced down the M1 (clearly observing the speed limits of course) to go to our favourite theme park Drayton Manor, we got 2 miles away, stood in a traffic queue for an hour and a half, turned around and went to a hotel in Derby, it would seem the theme park was full!!  Not to worry though we had a lovely afternoon in Derby and we decided that the best plan of action was to go really early to our other favourite theme park Alton Towers for it opening on Monday morning.

Here's the story of our weekend in photographs

This fountain is in the main square in Derby, I've photographed the girls here before, it's going to be interesting to compare the photos and see just how much they've grown.

The eggs from the new Ice Age 4D ride at Alton Towers

Looby and I found a chicken and other fabulous animals at Old Macdonalds farm at Alton Towers

On Tuesday we decided to go to Thorp Perrow on the way home, a beautiful wonderful family day out complete with animals.  You may notice Loobys dog, Dorito who has been with her since she was about 2 years old and found him in a charity shop, he barks too, he's apparently had a lovely weekend away with us.

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, it's now the last week of the summer school holidays and we're making the most of it, normal business resumes next week and in as much as I can't wait to get back to it, I'm really going to miss having so much family time, it's been the best summer holidays ever in my opinion, make sure you enjoy every last minute of yours because in a breath it will be all over


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Whitburn Whiskers said...

Beautiful pictures :-) I especially like the one of the wooden lady holding the bird - and all the lovely trees in different colours - very magical!

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