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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caroline and Claytons Wedding, Vintage/Pulp/Fabulousness

Just before Christmas I shot one of my favourite weddings of all time, the combination of influences by Chanel/Audrey Hepburn and Pulp combined with the beauty and gorgeousness of Caroline and Claytons wedding were to make it one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever shot.

Caroline was so beautiful in her vintage veil and dress, a true beauty to behold

 and if you are thinking that this guy looks familiar, you should see him with his glasses on, he's the spitting double of Jarvis Cocker from Pulp!

Those nervous last moments as you're about to walk down the aisle

and those tender moments during the ceremony when you give your all to the one you love most in your life

and then before you know it you are married and it's wonderful and happy and you can even start breathing again!

how gorgeous is this little bridesmaid?

all of the kids plus a large amount of confetti

we went off to the beach for some portraits, Tynemouth in December could have been chilly but it was more like an autumn day than a winter one

Our happy, gorgeous couple

moments of tenderness

and then they started singing "Common People to each other and I got to stand back and click, a very cool moment

So very much in love those two

Thats some love and a campervan

after those beachy portraits we winged our way to the Hotel Du Vin, possibly the most chic hotel in Newcastle, seriously cool and if you book your wedding there ask for Dan to look after you, he's one of my most favourite master of ceremonies, when we renewed our vows at As You Like It Jesmond he looked after us.

Sharing a tender moment in one of the chic suites and OMG look at those boots, geniune vintage and absolutely amazing!

The speeches were just lovely, I cried when Clayton gave his speech, that man is a true romantic

I have to say that most people in the room were in floods of tears because it was such a beautiful speech

Caroline and Clayton, I hope that you have a long and happy marriage, its easy to see that you are soul mates, thank you so much for choosing me to help you document your wedding day.

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Helen @ The Bright Bride said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I feel like I've been transported back a few decades... and it's fabulous!

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