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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dressing Up - Dee La Beau, Lilu and Vee

Yesterday saw me out in the cold with some very brave models, one of whom is the fabulous Miss Dee La Beau Miss La Beau is a model, a burlesque performer and all around wonder mum so when she offered to get involved with 2 little models called Vee and Lilu I couldn't get the shoot booked quickly enough!!

We found a suitably random location and this is what we got -

Tribute to Lady Gaga maybe "come and show me your kitten fingers"

To Infinity and Beyond

Really hoping to shoot Ms La Beau again this year as she is gorgeous as she demonstrated Princess with aplombe here!

So 2 dressing up sessions down, 30ish more booked in the diary and a target of 100 shoots, if you want to get involved either alone, with your kids, or as a group I need lots more models, the blog post telling you all you need to know is here.

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