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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snowy Photoshoots rock my socks! {photographer newcastle}

The snow outside might be frightful but for me it's a chance to embrace my love of snowy photographs, I'm loving it so much that I've come over all festive and with that in mind from now until Christmas all weekday photoshoots are completely free, yes no session fee, all you'll pay for is the prints, and actually my Saturday photoshoot has cancelled so if you want to take advantage of that I'm also giving away 3 sessions on Saturday and with a saving of £40 on the usual session it's would be madness not to take me up on the offer and have some glorious photographs for Christmas, if you'd like a session then drop me an email at or call me on 07918 121838, you can even contact me through my website.

so on with the snowy photographs -

So whether you are big or little or madly in love, it's the perfect season for gorgeous once in a lifetime photographs

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