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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Isabellas First Milestones shoot [Baby Photographer Newcastle}

A few weeks ago one cloudy rainy morning I popped over to Walbottle to meet lovely Isabella for her first milestones shoot.

Isabella will have 4 shoots over the coming year and it's going to be so lovely to watch how she grows and progresses.

First file and we got a smile, success!

I simply love to photograph babies

having some big family love, awww

let me tell you, this little girl has just discovered her feet and loves to pop them in her mouth, wish I could do that!!

More of those gorgeous, prize winning smiles!

If you want 4 milestones shoots to watch the progress of your little one then why not give me a call on 07918 121838 or click through to my website for more details. And remember that photographs make great Christmas presents!!


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