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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alex and Gary are married - As You Like It, Jesmond

I first met Alex last year at her brothers wedding so I was delighted that when she decided to tie the knot she gave me a call, particularly as the wedding was at my most favourite venue of all time. The thing is, I visit a lot of venues and for all their majestic impressiveness, nothing beats quirky vintage and Quirky vintage is exactly what you get at As You Like It.

Mmmm, yummy, shoes!

having a last minute giggle

getting into the dress

arriving at the venue

all of these following ceremonial images were shot at 3200iso f1.8 1/60, the venue is darker than dark and the registrar asked us not to use flash, so we didn't, lol, I actually love these ceremony shots!

and after a few formals out on the terrace it was off to the quayside to create some portrait magic.

One of my most favourite shots I have ever taken, the bigger this one is viewed at the better it gets!

Alex and Gary, I was so delighted to be involved in your day, you are a truly wonderful and fun couple.


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