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Monday, July 13, 2009

Wild west fun with Mary and the girls

On Saturday I had a very important shoot, it was Dawns very special birthday and she had decided that she and the girls would all go out in wild west bar girls outfits, Mary then decided that the best way to remember the day would be to get some great photographs of them all in their outfits and so off I went to Old Orleans to capture the fun of these cheeky ladies.

I wanted to make the photographs as authentic as possible and I think with these next 2 I have really acheived that, don't they look like they've just moseyed on down to the local saloon, lookout cowboys, here they come!!

Dawn I hope you had a wonderful evening out, it was great to meet all of you ladies and especially you mary with whom I've been liasing about this very special shoot. I hope I get to shoot you ladies again when the next one of you celebrates that very special birthday


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