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Friday, May 08, 2009

Meet Roxie and Kenzie [kids photographer newcastle]

Come and meet Roxie and Kenzie, 2 adorable siblings. Kenzie has been under the weather lately so he didn't want to have his photograph taken at all but luckily after lots of chatting he agreed that he would have just a couple taken albeit without smiles.

He is of course gorgeous and with kids I think smiling is a bonus

He does staring very well!

Roxie on the other hand was only to happy to give me baby gurgles and have lots of fun

sitting in my beanie baby chair she looked very at home

and she loved the baby basket, I think it was a little adventure for her

She's a poppet isn't she?

I know mum loved these photographs and if you're a mum looking for gorgeous photographs of your kids and babies please do give me a call, taking photographs of the little ones is the most rewarding thing I do.

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