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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Impatiently waiting for spring

I don't know about you dear reader but I am so sick of the cold, central heating and having to go out wearing a hat, scarf and gloves.  I am yearning for spring with all of my heart, warm sunny days where you can leave your coat at home.

I woke up with a sigh to see damp and frost on the roofs this morning, this week, to me it's seemed like spring was just on the verge of being sprung but its still been a lot too cold for my liking.  My poor Reynauds fingers and toes are still way too cold and white and sore by the end of long dog walks unless I bundle myself up like a large squidgy marshmallow when I go outdoors.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed every minute of feeling the sunshine on my face, I just wish it was a teeny bit warmer.

My Mothers Day sessions on the beach look like they're going to be freezing cold again this year, I shall be wearing 16 pairs of socks and 22 pairs of gloves...(or maybe not).

So universe if you are listening, I know it's not astronomical spring until the 21st of March (I know this because my good friend Darren tells me off every year if I mention that it might be spring before that, it's his birthday on the 21st so early Happy Birthday if you're reading) but if you could just see your way to providing some warm with your sunshine I would love you forever.

One thing I have noticed though is that the crocuses seem to have bloomed everywhere, huge carpets of them, I'm not sure if there's been a mass planting of them when I wasn't looking but I can't remember there being quite so many in previous years.

I'll take any promise of spring at this point, especially today when the mizzle I can see through my window does not look inviting for my 10k steps for the day.

Maybe I knew, I had a bit of a nesting thing yesterday so I must have known that today would be a soup day!

I'm off to meditate to the universe now and along with abundance and peace and vitality I shall also be asking for warm, coatless days and central heatingless evenings!


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