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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favourite Wedding Photographs 2008, part 2

Yes, back again for the next exciting installment of my favourite images from all the lovely weddings I photographed this year.

so here's 1 bride who had me in tears because she was just so happy to be marrying her 1 true love.

and later on when we went to the Millenium Bridge there was a boat race on and the bridge was open which added a special extra flavour to all the photographs.

This one though makes my top 5 of photographs I've ever taken! thats a post for another day though!! Thanks to Steven and Denise one of my all time favourite couples.

Onwards to another magical wedding at one of my most favourite venues Headlam Hall, I can't speak highly enough of this venue because it's just completely gorgeous and it really fitted the intimate but amazing wedding of Emma and Mark

there's certainly plenty of places to take amazing photographs

September heralded the worst rain in over 60 years completely cutting off the town of Morpeth, there were a few scary moments when I knew that both my bride and the venue, Linden Hall couldn't be accessed the night before.

Then on the day of Adrian and Stephs wedding one of my trusty assistants was completely stranded and couldn't get to my house so thankfully me having backups for backups Karen came to the rescue and we got there only to find that most of the flooding had been cleared and actually Adrian and Steph even managed to have plenty of their photographs outdoors. With Adrian and Steph I felt I had been friends with them all my life and it was another case of being made to feel part of the family.

This photograph was made into a 24"x36" canvas and looked awesome in the big size.

September for me was all about weddings, I shot several in a really short space of time and each and every one of them was a fun and completely different event.

Nina and Stephen married at Longhurst Hall just outside of Morpeth.

The very next day I enjoyed the Antipodean wedding of Daniel and Bridget, 2 Aussies spending time in the country.

amazing and different style of bouquet

This wedding has quite a different feel and there were only about 3 brits at the wedding all the rest of the guests having flown in from Australia.

didn't Bridget look amazing?

My last 2 weddings in September were both spectacular and gorgeous events.

This gorgeous bride being Helen of Helen and Marks wedding at Wylam.

and the day after that I was back at another of my favourite venues Linden Hall for the wedding of Kath and Alan who's true love makes me feel all squishy on the inside!

I couldn't end this post without posting from my last wedding of the year which I know was only a week ago but Maeve and Pete are a truly adorable couple and a perfect way to end this post.

Well I have to say that I enjoyed each and every persons wedding I attended here and if you don't see your photograph here it doesn't mean I didn't love your wedding, merely that there just wasn't room to repost each and every photograph.

Stay tuned later in the week for some of my fabourite portraits from this year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Favourites Post 1 - Wedding Photography

Ok, so the year is drawing to a close and what a year it's been, I really wanted to share some of my favourite photographs from this year, I've shot 21 weddings this year and 57 portrait sessions so plenty of photographs to pick from, goodness only knows how many images i've actually shot, quite a few I reckon!! LOL

So here's post 1 and it could be the first part of an epic series...

Ok, I'm stuck already, but lets go back to April when I was part of the most unique wedding of my season, the wedding of the very lovely and wonderful Heather and Joel. If you want to see more from their wedding at Newcastle Cathedral just click on that link to go to the original blog post. this unique event was really the start to my wedding season and it's I'm happy to have made 2 wonderful new friends in the form of Heather and Joel who's New Year Bash we'll be attending on Wednesday.

Ok, this photo was taken just as they were leaving the cathedral to walk through Newcastle up to the Northern Stage, I love it because it's unposed, joyful and really captures the spirit of just how happy they were.

Skipping firmly onwards to the end of May and I was lucky enough to be part of Amy and Shakers fab wedding, this wedding was all about fun and I was delighted that they took time out of their wedding day to capture some amazing images down at St Marys Island, those images included this one.

at the end of that same week I shot what was to be one of my most favourite weddings of the year simply because Stuart and Jayne made me feel so very welcome, really like part of the family. They got married at the Stadium of light and their couples shots were on a 2 foot ledge just above a sheer drop down to the river, this one my favourite of several in a series of shots

after those 2 weddings, I think I had around a week before winging my way to the Gosforth Park Marriot Hotel for Louise and Matthews wedding where I shot this image

One of the most joyeous parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to capture the beauty of brides, there really isn't anyone so gorgeous as a bride who is about to walk down the aisle and this image of Rachel from her wedding at the Caledonian Hotel in Jesmond really does prove that.

another joyful part of my job is that I get to photograph all the gorgeous little bridesmaids and page boys, this beautiful little girl was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Kerry and Matt

Phew, i did say this could take some time!!

Onwards now to one of my most beautiful brides of 2008, this lovely lady is as gorgeous on the inside as she is beautiful on the outside, the wedding of Rachel and Jonathon really was a joy to photograph at The Old Assembly rooms with the couples photographs being captured on the Newcastle Quayside.

and that dear reader is where i will leave it for today, join me later in the week for some more images. I really am the luckiest photographer in Newcastle to get to photograph so many wonderful weddings, brides, grooms, bridesmaids, venues, love, happiness.... lol you get the idea!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Can you say perfect Christmas?

Happy Christmas and yuletide love from all the Charltons, we had such a fun packed day yesterday here's just a few of the highlights, by the way if you want to see all the photographs in the collection just click on one to be taken to the Facebook album.

The day started just after 8.10am with 3 and a half hours of present opening (we did have 2 breaks though). Abigail was delighted with Maths training for the DS.

Whilst Looby thought these magic jumping beans were just the best thing ever!

Iain actually celebrated his usual Christmas meltdown, LOL

Bless them, they all got exactly what they wanted and lots more beside.

Abigails star present was her first proper camera and she's having so much fun using it.

Looby of course got the usual selection of dollies etc.

and Paul by the looks of this got something to clean his ears with!!

Looby got a hat.

Later in the day we played Bingo for prizes.

Looby at the age of 5 was the star bingo caller and I won on this hand, I won a dinosaur puzzle, LOL

later on Looby once more entertained us with her new Christmas dressing up

whilst Abigail gave Sally our foster kitten a great big cuddle, sally goes to her new owners next week and we'll miss her.

Ever the comic, I think she gets it from her daddy.

speaking of whom, I think he was more than a little tipsy at this point.

Looby with her medical playset, she tells us that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

We had such a super Christmas day it was just the best ever. Today it's just hubby and I as the kids are off having Christmas number 2 with their grandparents. it's been a relaxing day and Paul is having lots of fun playing on his star present Guitar Hero Legends of Rock, I would play too but I am rubbish, I love music but I don't like Rock Music and I play the piano not the guitar, I think I'll look forward to Guitar Hero the High School Musical edition!! LOL


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can you feel the excitement?

Ok, so it's 3.56am on Christmas Eve 2008, why am I telling you this and more importantly why am I not snuggled up in bed?

Well I was snuggly and then I woke up, completely wide awake and refreshed like I had the best nights sleep ever, LOL, I think I only had 5 hours!

The thing is that when it comes to Christmas I am the biggest kid on the planet and even though I have bought all my own Christmas presents from paul this year, not to mention wrapped them all up myself and even labelled them with soppy messages he wouldn't write in a million years. I still get excited because I am the Christmas Diva, I'm not quite Nigella Lawson but I do put an awful lot of thought into Christmas. I wouldn't actually like to know just how many Christmas presents I've wrapped this year but I do know that it's going to be another special Christmas for everyone in the Charlton household. The thing is that we love Christmas, 9 years ago Paul and I met and on the 21st of December 1999 he asked me to marry him. We've never had a bad Christmas and it's a funny thing because for me it just keeps getting better and better. When I was young I would love Christmas because I would get lots of presents, now I get very few but I love Christmas because I get to give a feeling which far outweighs all the feelings of receiving.

This year I asked the kids not to make Christmas lists because I have such a bad memory when it comes to such matters, I simply asked them for one present they would like and told them I would just know what to get them for other presents. Iain chose an MP3 player for his main gift, and both of the girls chose cameras as their main gifts, will they get them? Well I guess thats a question only Santa Claus can answer!!!

Today we're going up to Sainsburys for 8am, we don't need much, just the basics- batteries, beer and Bingo (don't ask but lets just say a certain someone said he would take care of the bingo machine for Christmas afternoon and voila it's blinkin Christmas eve and we're trying to source a bingo machine, LOL) and then we'll head off up to Northumberland to collect our organic free range Turkey and our Gammon for Christmas day. We always eat Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve evening, it signifies the start of Christmas and it also means that I'm not stuck in the kitchen on Christmas day, we've pretty much done this for the last few years and it's worked with great success, plus I always love those leftovers on Christmas day even more!

Tommorrow I'll be both joyful and sad, I think for me Christmas eve is the day I love most, it's a time with such great expectation and excitement and seeing the kids so dizzy with wonder really is a joy to behold.

Well I guess I'll stop now I've been typing this email for 15 minutes which means it must be pretty long so congrats if you made it this far! I'll write another post over the holidays with my years review and Christmas message but for now dear readers may I wish you all a wonderful Christmas eve and the most splendid Christmas day you have ever had and remember it's much more fun to give than it is to receive.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A very Vintage Christmas Wedding

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Maeve and Petes vintage inspired wedding. Let me share with you some of my favourites from the day.

Here's Pete and the boys looking fabulous.

and beautiful Maeve!

It's that long walk up the aisle.

There was no photography allowed during the service so we'll skip on through to the end.

After the group photographs it was a short drive to Uber cool vintage inspired As You Like It which is one of my favourite places to go for a night out, Maeve was actually the one who introduced me to it, thanks Maeve!

We quickly popped to the terrace for a few informal portraits

They really are an adorable couple.

Maeve is so gorgeous and a wonderful person as well.

and Pete, well he's down to earth and also gorgeous!

no wonder they're so happy!

amazing bouquet!

and cakes to die for!

Maeve and Pete, thank you so much for letting me share in your day, have a wonderful honeymoon in New York and Miami and lets catch up when you get back.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


If you want to own one of these babies please do call or email me, they're £60 each and ready to go today, one of them has already gone this morning!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Charlotte, Lucy and Johnny

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing these three gorgeous kids, we had so much fun and all the kids were beautifully well behaved!

Here they all are :0)

what a sweetie eh?

He gave me a good run around I can tell you.

I asked her to show me a sad face and oh my, bless her!

She's a poppet isn't she?

This little one loves America's Next Top Model!

I know that mum Claire loves these photographs and it's been such a joy to photograph so many fab children lately, I can't tell you just how lucky I am to do a job which I genuinely love and look forward to!

If you've got a big group of children getting together over the holidays (maybe several families worth) please do give me a call and book a kids photoshoot for only £10 instead of £50.
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