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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Emma and Laras Kids Photoshoot

Yesterday I had to rocking kids shoots, my first took me to meet two of the most delightful sisters, probably on the whole planet!

This is Lara.

and this is Emma.

Lara was a dream to photograph,

bit of a festive one that!!

Why it's the Santa sisters!

Emma is so full of life and has so many funny faces that I could have photographed her forever she's just so cute!

See What I mean?

hamming it up for the camera!

and a gorgeous square photograph to end with!

This was honestly one of the most fun sessions I've ever had, even if I did knock myself out in a freak pop up backround incident, I have a bump on my head today as proof! LOL

If you have been procrastinating there's still a couple of days to book a last minute shoot, remember all family and kids photoshoots are only £10 until 31/01/09, anyway if you want one in the first part of this week give me a call or click through to my website.

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Anonymous said...

These are brilliant Mandy, they must be so pleased. Do I spy a backdrop, are they good?

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