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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kath and Alans Pre-wedding photoshoot at Newcastle Quayside

Yesterday was a pretty grey day weatherwise but it didn't stop me from having an amazing Pre-wedding photoshoot with Kath and Alan down on the quayside.

This is Kath, gorgeous bride to be.

and this is Alan the dashing groom to be.

for me grey skies don't matter, they just add to the retro Love mood I was trying to achieve.

I love the warmth in this one.

and Kaths showing off a fabulous engagement ring here.

Kath and Alan I really can't wait to shoot your intimate wedding at Linden Hall in September, it's going to be a wonderful event. I'm so delighted that you love these photographs and can't wait to provide you with memorable wedding photographs you'll cherish forever.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kerry and Matt are married!!

Wow it's busy around here at the moment!!

I spent the day at Kerry and Matts wedding on Saturday and I must say a big thanks to my second shooter and wonderful assistant for the day Rhys who was as usual completely fabulous!!

I'm sharing favourites and as there were so many it's been difficult to choose so in no particular order....

The beautiful bride, doesn't she look radiant?

the incredibly happy couple.

This wonderful couple are really so very much in love and you can feel it in every shot of them together.

This little boy hated having his photograph taken but in the end he was happy to pose.

This little flowergirl really won my heart.

I love this dreamy one.

and this one too!

Kerry and Matt, I had an amazing day with you and I hope you enjoy your well earned honeymoon. see you when you get home

Friday, July 25, 2008

End of the week round-up

It's been such a busy week that I've not had the chance to update my blog so here's just a short rundown of all thats been going on at Charlton Towers this week.

Sunday - we all went to Lightwater Valley for a family day out, I of course was still shattered from Saturdays wedding so I wasn't really up for all the terrifying rides but I did enjoy the day and Iain and Paul had loads of fun going on all the scariest roller coasters.

Monday - I decided that I couldn't stand my old laptop anymore, it was so slow when trying to process raw files and doing photoshoppery magic at the same time so off we went to PC world where they had a special on whereby you sign up for mobile broadband and you get £400 off the cost of the laptop so I got myself a super machine which eats RAW files for breakfast and should really help me cut down on my post processing time, it's taken me most of the week to get all my files moved but i think I'm just about there and I'm very happy.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent nursing a sick and poorly Looby who had some kind of 24 hour bug which saw her with an awful high temperature and being sick, not much fun at all but I suppose atleast I work from home!!

Yesterday Paul took a well earned half day and we went for lunch at one of our favourite pubs The Badger in Ponteland, we went to the garden centre afterwards and bought a couple of new plants for the garden. We then booked our holidays, we're off to London in just under 3 weeks for a few days while Pauls dad comes to cat-sit!! Really looking forward to showing the girls around London as they've never been before and I remember my first magical trip to london when I was 8.

Tommorrow I'm off to Kerry and Matt's wedding so cross your fingers for just a little bit of sunshine!

Happy weekend everyone

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sarah and Darren Got Married!

It was another rainy day on Saturday for Sarah and Darrens wedding, they married at St Mary the Virgin RC church in Howdon followed by a lavish reception at the Old Assembly Rooms in Newcastle.

I'm busy editing the images as I type but wanted to share just a couple of my favourites so far.

Sarah looked beautiful.

and what an amazing dress she wore.

This one is one of my current favourites though of course they change all the time when I'm editing!!

The happy couple.

Stay tuned this week as I share more of those favourites. Sarah and Darren thank you so much for letting me share in your special day, your gallery will be ready for you by the end of the week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sports Day and Yashimoto Nara at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Monday and Yesterday was sportsdays at school so off I went sans camera to capture a little of the action.

Abigail absolutely loves sports day.

she really loves the football!

as you can see in this action shot!

and imagine my delight when she won first place in the year 1 girls race!!

Yesterday was stonkingly hot and humid for Loobys sports day

I loved watching her jumping!

and having a well earned drink at the end of the day!

Today, there was a strike by members of UNISON so it meant school being closed, it's a little odd because they go back on Friday for one day and then it's summer holidays!!

anyway I decided that we wouldn't waste a good day so we went to see the Yashitomo Nara exhibition at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Wow, I loved it, the kids loved it, it's fab!!

Goodness only knows what we'll get up to tommorrow....

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still here!

Sorry that my posts have been a little thin on the ground over the last few days, it's the end of term so loads to catch up on before the summer holidays, plus it's wedding season so I am meeting with all my couples to discuss plans and running orders for their big days. This weekend will be the start of the busy season with atleast 1 wedding a week and sometimes 2 or 3!!

In preparation I am working out for 20 minutes a day on the Wii Fit, now you'll note I only just got it so it may take a while before I notice a new and improved me but it's a better way to start the day than 5 cups of coffee, the funny thing is that I hate partaking in sport so I'm kind of surprised at how much fun this is proving to be and you should see my swivel my hips with the super hula hoop!! or maybe you shouldn't, LOL!!

Can't beleive the children break up on Friday, can't beleive Iain is going to High School in September. I am delighted though that all three of them got amazing school reports on Friday. It's sports day today for Abigail and tommorrow for Looby so I've promised that between meetings I'll try and get there as will Paul who is in the thick of a huge paving job!

Did I mention that my hubby now has his own website, you can find him at Meandering

Mind you it could be either, my brain is like a seive at the moment!!

I'm off to 2 meetings this morning so I'll vamoose, I promise to try and post more this week and then on Saturday we have Sarah and Darrens wedding to look forward to!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boudoir Special for a limited time only

Until July 31st I have slashed the price of my boudoir shoots to an incredible £125, they're usually £250 so that's quite a saving I think you'll agree.

For £125 you'll get 2 hours of photography in the comfort of your own home, we'll have a girly giggle and you'll end up with sensational photographs you'll remember forever! Plus of course girls you can give your guy a present they'll never forget. You'll also get 2 8x10 completely retouched photographs and a web gallery for 30 days where you can purchase as many prints as you like or maybe even a little album to keep in the bedside drawer.

Past client Lisa gave a boudoir album to her Husband 2 be on the night before their wedding and he was so excited he wanted to take it work and show all his mates, LOL thankfully she persuaded him that wouldn't be a good idea and that it was for his eyes only!!

Ladies, if your man is sick of you buying him socks and mugs or you simply want to give him a memorable present and a big smile on his face then boudoir is for you, also of course if you want to create photographs of you looking at your most awesome and images you can look at to cheer yourself up when you're having a chocolate day (you know, the ones where you feel miserable, you have spots and all you want to do is eat chocolate)then this is the photoshoot for you.

Brides, imagine your hubby all by himself the night before your wedding, why not leave him with this as your parting gift?

For birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, pretty much any occasion why not inject some extra umph in your relationships!!

If you want to book a shoot you can call the numbers on the header or click through to my website but be quick, this offer is only until 31st of July and strictly limited to the first 10 places!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Christine and Andrews couples photoshoot in Saltwell Park

Sometimes my job is a dream, sometimes you get fabulous light and beautiful wonderful people all in one session and tonight was that night. After the shocking weather at the weekend tonight was just perfect for a lovely photoshoot.

Christine is soon to be 21 and so is Andrew and that was the reason for the shoot.

Plus of course the fact that they wanted to celebrate their Lurve!

These two gorgeous people are lovely, they're so nice and I could have spent loads of time in their company.

I love the fact that you can really feel the love and the fun that these two obviously share.

OOh it's a square one for a change, this one would look awesome as a square canvas!

Oh gosh, I love this one so much, it makes me feel all melty and squishy!!


Christine and Andrew, thank you so much for sharing some time with me, I hope you love your photographs as much as I do and I hope that you both have wonderful 21st birthdays.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Rachael and Andrews wedding at the Caledonian Hotel, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

Rachael and Andrew are two of the nicest people I know, I don't live too far away from Rachael so I've met up with her and her gorgeous children on several occasions, Rachael has the best behaved little girls by the way, they are a real credit to her and Andrews obviously wonderful parenting.

so I bet you're here for the photos....

I had too many favourites to blog them all so here's just a small selection.

The dashing groom.

The gorgeous flowers.

The incredibly beautiful bride

I adore this photo of all the little bridesmaids waiting for the bride to arrive.

A lovely moment during the ceremony, thanks to photo friendly registrar George Carlisle who I've met at several weddings there are always plenty of these.

another gorgeous bridal.

The happy, happy couple!

first dance!

Rachael and Andrew, you're a lovely couple and I hope you enjoy your honeymoon, see you when you get home :)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another sneak peek from Rachael and Andrews wedding

Keeping the suspense going, I'm posting one more peek and I'll put a full post up at some point tommorrow with all the details of this wonderful event.

Check back tommorrow for the whole story.

Coming Soon.... Rachael and Andrews wedding

I shot a very rainy but magical wedding yesterday at the Caledonian Hotel in Jesmond check back later for more photos of this beautiful bride and her wonderful wedding.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lisa and Fish - The couples photoshoot

Last night I met up with Lisa and Fish for a little anniversary photoshoot, they've been married for around a year and yesterday was their 10 year anniversary of being together, AWWWW. Quite often after you're married it can be ages before your next photoshoot but I recommend one a year just to have fun, keep the love alive and document history as you grow together.

So - on with the photos,

Lisa wore her Dorothy sparkly shoes!

Lisa and Fish are a bubbly couple who are so fun you could spend hours with them.

One of my favourite shots from the session, it's great to see so much love in a couple.

They needed no encouragement from me to get romantic!

Fish is a tatooed, pierced rocker but underneath it all he's a cuddly teddy-bear!

The light was awesome at 7pm last night, i thoroughly recommend evening photoshoots during the summer.


I love this one, I take a lot of couples to this spot and you get something different every time.

Lisa and Fish you were a joy to spend time with and I hope it will be the first shoot in a tradition of yearly shoot!!

If you would like to book a couples shoot please do give me a call on the banner above or click through to my website.
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