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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heather and Joel - 1st Anniversary

You may remember Heather and Joel from previous blog posts including their Engagement Session and also their wedding which was a year ago, can you believe how quickly time passes?

When I say that Heather and Joel are two of my favourite friends, I really mean it, we've kept in touch and even been round to their lovely house for some rather scrummy vegetarian delights!

I think Heather and Joel are more in love than ever, there's just a warmth about them both that you can't escape.

Joel will forgive me for telling you all that he doesn't exactly enjoy our little photographic sessions but Heather has gotten very good at getting him to relax just a little!

Heather and Joel, I wish you so much love and luck in what will be a very special year for you and looking forward to catching up with you Heather for some Sushi in the not too distant future.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet the Twins!

On Saturday I was lucky enough to photograph Jamies delightful twins.

They have just turned 1 and are a bundle of fun.

Feeling all warm and tingly yet?

Hearts all over now officially melted!

and wait for it.....

Too cute for words!

Still 1 remaining session available for Saltwell Park on Sunday morning or evening depending on which suits you better, more details from moi on 07918 121838!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Julies Kids

Julie popped down to Jesmond Dene on Saturday as part of Portraits in the Park 2009, she wanted to capture some great photographs of her beautiful kids and I think we did!!

Julies daughter is 9 and loves High School Musical and Hannah Montana, well don't we all!

of course I was singing all the songs of High School Musical whilst we shot, much to her amusement!!

Julies son is 11 and sporty, artistic and really pretty brilliant actually!

I'm delighted to say I'll see all you guys again for some family shots on Sunday down at Saltwell Park, there's only 2 session slots left so if you want one call me quickly!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Helen, Simon and Amii [portrait photographer newcastle]

I first met these lovely folk at Adrian and Stephs wedding last September, Amy won my heart the very first time I met her, in fact the whole family have become friends and I was delighted to photograph Amii again in November again.

It's amazing to see just how much shes grown over the last six months, she's a lovely little girl with a golden smile and I know you're dying to see the photographs.

I absolutely adore this one!

and this one is so cute!

aren't they a gorgeous family?

Look out for more blog posts over this week as I shot 5 portrait session in Jesmond Dene yesterday as part of Portraits in the Park 2009, this week I have a 3 or so family shoots and then next Sunday I have 7 sessions in Saltwell Park, there are a couple of sessions left and if you want one just give me a call!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet Sean [Childrens Photographer Newcastle]

In my job I am so grateful that I get to meet a lot of lovely and amazing people, Sean just happens to be one of them.

Sean is 8 months old and a veritable bouncing baby, Sean has Cerebral Palsy so is unable to support himself, no problems I said and promptly purchased a bean bag chair for him to sit in. Sean is also hearing and sight impaired but that doesn't stop him from being truly gorgeous and quite stonkingly brilliant!!

Wanna Meet him?

Looking very at home in the beanbag chair

cheeky little smiles

and all tired out!

Sean it was a priviledge and delight to meet you and I hope we meet again in the future.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Rebecca and Joe - The wedding [wedding photographer newcastle]

On Saturday I was honoured to be a small part of Rebecca and Joes wedding. Rebecca and Joe have a love story which spans the continent as Joe is from New Zealand and has emigrated to be with Rebecca, they're a truly lovely couple and I'm excited to show just a few teasers from their wedding gallery.

The dashing groom

and the beautiful bride

with her lovely bridesmaids down at Cullercoats Methodist Church

meeting Joe for the first time on their wedding day, i love this one

The bridal bouquet

Confetti Time

after the service we stopped off at St Marys Island for the couples session

it was a little chilly but that newly blessed love kept them nice and warm!

Rebecca and Joe, have a wonderful time in Cyprus and I can't wait to catch up with you on your return.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lightwater Valley, Alton Towers and Flamingoland - all in 1 week!

I know I haven't blogged but we've been away and I wasn't about to pay £12 a day for internet access, I kept up with the world via my smartphone but anything other than a 3 word email reply was left until we came home!!

So in this week of weeks we went to Lightwater Valley, had 2 days at Alton Towers and came home via a day at Flamingo Land and oh what fun we had. I sort of thought about taking my camera but then I decided that on balance Theme Parks and expensive cameras just don't mix, especially when your children have a penchant for the watery rides.

Lightwater Valley we go to every year and it's a constant, 1 new ride a year which replaces 1 that they retire, it's family fun, costs less than £50 for a family of 4 if you have a voucher and it's a fun day out.

We'd never been to Alton Towers before and I wasn't sure if Abigail and Looby were still too small for it at 5 and 6 respectively but Alton Towers is brilliant fun for all ages, Abigail is a thrill seeker and went on all the rides she was tall enough for along with Mr Thrilling himself, My husband is an adrenalin junkie and went on The Nemesis, Oblivion, Air and Rita Queen of Speed. He loved them all though he did admit that he was on the edge with Oblivion because of his fear of heights.

I stayed away from all of the scary rides, I'm not an adrenalin junkie and I was perfectly happy on the twirling toadstools and the Nutty Squirrel ride!

One thing, if you can when you go buy the tickets online and in advance, we paid £106 for our family of 4 for 2 day tickets and with that you get to go into the park an hour early which means less queueing and more riding. Also beware that you have to pay for parking, the first day we paid a fiver and got the monorail but it was a nightmare as the park was emptying. The second day we opted for express parking at £10 and wow, we were next to the entrance and got in and out without any trouble at all!

Next time I think we'll stay in one of the Alton Towers hotels and there's no doubt that we will go back but only after we've managed to do Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures and Legoland later this year.

Flamingo Land was our least favourite themepark though we made it work and had fun, the customer service is crap, the food is a pile of horrible pants and the terraforming was last updated in the 70's and there is something slightly retro about Flamingo Land, like it doesn't know whether it's a zoo or a themepark and at £82 for a family of 4 not that great value for money. we've decided that we won't be going back to Flamingo land for a long time to come.

All in all we had a blast last week and it's always sad to come home but I literally bounced straight back into a wedding and had the time of my life, stay tuned for images from that wedding later in the week

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Meet Alfie and Ellie [kids photographer newcastle]

Alfie and Ellie, 2 of the loveliest children you could ever hope to photograph, Alfie wasn't in the smiliest of moods because he's teething but he's got such gorgeous eyes it didn't really matter.

and Ellie is beautiful and a wonderful Model

and put them both together and they're just scrumptious

and lastly I managed to coax mum and dad to have just one photograph with the kids, we parents don't do it enough you know!!

Thank you so much for spending just a little time with me and I hope that you love your gallery

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