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Monday, August 31, 2009

Janet and John Got Married

It sounds like a title from a book I read at Primary school to help me learn to read but I'm guessing in Janet and John books there weren't a lot of getting married, being in love or indeed having kids!

So, Janet and John really did get married in an intimate ceremony at St James Park, the home of Newcastle United FC

lots of smiles during the ceremony

and I'm not sure that John will ever get that ring off his finger!!

Janet and John have the most photogenic and well behaved children, they are a real credit to them

Baby Jessie is just edibly gorgeous!

Love in a football stadium!

This one makes me chuckle!

and of course being an official match!

Janet and John, thank you so much for sharing your day with me, you are a lovely couple and I wish you a long and happy marraige.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alex and Gary are married - As You Like It, Jesmond

I first met Alex last year at her brothers wedding so I was delighted that when she decided to tie the knot she gave me a call, particularly as the wedding was at my most favourite venue of all time. The thing is, I visit a lot of venues and for all their majestic impressiveness, nothing beats quirky vintage and Quirky vintage is exactly what you get at As You Like It.

Mmmm, yummy, shoes!

having a last minute giggle

getting into the dress

arriving at the venue

all of these following ceremonial images were shot at 3200iso f1.8 1/60, the venue is darker than dark and the registrar asked us not to use flash, so we didn't, lol, I actually love these ceremony shots!

and after a few formals out on the terrace it was off to the quayside to create some portrait magic.

One of my most favourite shots I have ever taken, the bigger this one is viewed at the better it gets!

Alex and Gary, I was so delighted to be involved in your day, you are a truly wonderful and fun couple.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Really Big and Very Exciting News

If you follow my tweets you may have heard a little something over the weekend, if not well here's the official announcement - I'm getting Married!! Well not really because of course I am already married to my gorgeous husband but next April will be our 10th anniversary and for the occasion we have decided that we're going to renew our vows and this time is going to be spectacular. It's not a secret that when we originally got married we didn't have 2 brass tacks to rub together and we didn't do any of the traditional things, I wore a cream suit, it snowed and we didn't even have any photographs!

This time, things are going to be special as well as uber cool and stylish. I'm in the middle of securing and incredibly cool venue, one that I've worked at as well as having many fabulous nights out at with hubby. I'll reveal that as soon as I've booked, just in case they don't come through, can't see it happening though as it's a Wednesday.

One thing I certainly know is that the photography is going to be spectacular, I've secured the services of three brilliant photographers who also happen to be great mates which makes it even better. You might hear me talking about them quite a lot over the next few months but I want to introduce them to you so please put your hands together for Mr Jamie Emerson, Mr James Burns and Mr Matt Wagster. More news updates as they happen....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nicole and Michaels Wedding - Greenhead near Carlisle

Nicole and Michael are an uber laid back fabulous couple. Their wedding was pretty much the same, laid back, intimate and lots and lots of fun. They wanted natural happy photographs with a smattering of awesome portraits thrown in for good measure and since thats what I do I was delighted to be their wedding photographer.

I do love shoes!!

2 very pretty bridesmaids who were incredibly gorgeous and well behaved.

Walking to the church

a last moment with dad

and we're off!!


Time for some awesome portraits "Mandy Style"

How beautiful?! Very of course is the answer!

Just a splash of drama with some stormy skies

Hooyah, I love this one!

Ooh, I almost forgot this lovely moment with Nanna and the confetti!

another lovely moment, Nicole, mum and sisters during the speeches.

Nicole and Michael, you are such a great couple, I hope you love your photographs and have a wonderful life together.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Chris and Kirstys wedding - St Bartholomews, Forest Hall (wedding photographer newcastle)

Kirsty and Chris, a fun and wonderful couple who married in a beautiful ceremony at St Bartholomews church in Forest Hall. It was a gorgeous day for an elegant and laid back soiree and I couldn't have been happier to be a part of it all.

This beautiful bouquet contained hydrangeas which I'd never seen in a bouquet before but I think they worked so well.

Kirsty simply looked glowing with happiness and very beautiful in her gorgeous dress.

Don't all the men look handsome, oh and of course the best woman looked uber fabulous!

Chris of course looked the handsome laid back groom that he is!


Time for some delish couples portraits!

So happy!

Kirsty and Chris may you have a wonderful honeymoon and a great marraige, can't wait to catch up with you both soon.

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