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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kelly and Jons Wedding - South Shields Town Hall and The Little Haven Hotel

Saturday was the first day of the 2009 wedding season and let me tell you I was so ready for it!

The season got off to a brilliant start because Kelly and Jon are such an amazing couple who are so in love.

Loads of fave photos to share so apologies for the length of the post!

Kelly looked so gorgeous!

Kellys twin girls, one of whom is a girly girl, the other is a sporty one!

We hopped over to the Little Haven Hotel and went straight onto the beach, it was warmer than it was a couple of weeks ago but still a little brisk!!

Kelly and Jon, thank you so much for sharing your day with me, enjoy your honeymoon and I'll catch up with you both when you get back.

If you are still looking for a wedding photographer for 2009 then you better get your skates on because I am nearly fully booked, I do though still have a few dates available, even in June! so please call me on 07918 121838 or click through to my website.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Izzy, the most gorgeous little whirlwind in the north [childrens photographer northumberland]

On Friday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Izzy who as the title of the blog may suggest is the most gorgeous little whirlwind in the north.

She has a huge personality and is so clever, she can count and she's not even 2 yet!

She loves trains, especially Thomas!

this is a look that says "I bet that photographer lady can't catch me"

with mum Alison who runs one of the most fabulous online houseware companies, seriously check out Hunky Dory Home, the stuff is, well if you like me then you'll like the stuff, it's craft inspired and there are a lot of funky retro chic prints, you might want to lock your purses away first of course ;-)

reading sticker books is one of Izzys favourite pastimes.

I love how serious she looks here, it's almost American gothic! ha ha

I am really looking forward to catching up with Izzy, Alison and Karl in the warmer weather to get outdoors for some fantastic and funkadelic family shots.

If you want to book a Childrens shoot or a family portrait shoot please call me on 07918 121838 or click through to the webbedy website!


Friday, February 20, 2009

A little wander down to the Newcastle Quayside

So yesterday we were sent out of our house whilst the builders gave us some double glazing and new doors, a pretty major job when 2 of your walls in the house are completely glass!

So first we escaped down to Tynemouth for a little breakfast

After breakfast we dropped the girls off for the day so that they wouldn't get bored while we visited the Baltic centre for contemporary art.

I wanted to go and see the Yoko Ono exhibition and it truly rocked my world but not as much as the Learning to Love You More exhibition which is one ofthe most truly awesome things I think I've ever seen, it's a series of tasks designed to make us all love ourselves a little more, and seriously check out the link and do some of them, it might just change your life!

After the Baltic I did a 30 second shoot with hubby - quite literally he only ever lets me take photos of him for a maximum of 30 seconds, you have to be delighted when you actually come away from that with some decent photographs though!!

Why don't you go and do a 30 second photoshoot with someone you love today, you never know what you might achieve.

Happy Friday everyone, I have the busiest of busy weekends with a kids and family photoshoot this afternoon, tommorrow it's Kelly and Jons wedding and on Sunday I have a meeting, Phew!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mitchells Christening [childrens photographer Gateshead]

On Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of being the official photographer at Mitchells Christening, if you've never thought of having a photographer present at a Christening it's a really great idea because all of the family are together happy and joyous and there are plenty of chances to get lots of fantastic photographs.

How cute is Mitchell?

the important business of Baptism with the Reverend Bruce Mountford Harrison at St Helens Church, Low Fell.

Back at the house Mitchell was getting a wee bit tired after all the action that morning and sitting with his sisters wasn't high on his To Do list!

However, several rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus" later and he was smiley and gorgeous and fun!

My favourite of the whole day, how gorgeous?

With all of his cousins, yes I do photograph large groups of children quite often but it's all part and parcel of being a kids photographer.

In the garden Lisa and Danny said they didn't have any great photos of them together, hopefully they have some lovely natural ones now!

Mitchells sister seriously enjoying some bubble fun.

Finally, I live for candid moments and this was most definetly one of them!!

I know that Danny and Lisa love the photographs and that makes me a happy photographer because I had the best ever time taking them all. Also thanks to my new super-d-duper girl friday non shooting assistant Sarah who will be coming along to lots of weddings and events during the summer.

if you want to hire me for your Christening or special family occasion give me a call on 07918 121838 or click though to my lovely website.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kelly, Jon and Georgia

On Monday I hopped down the the Little Haven Hotel in South Shields to meet up with Kelly, Jon and Georgia, Kelly and Jon are getting married there on the 21st and it was a wee meet up with a little bit of photography, not too much mind as it was so cold that there were patches of snow on the sand.

look at these 2, aren't they a totally adorable couple, Kelly is a hard working nurse and Jon is a full time musician, his band Laughing Jacks is one of the most awesome wedding bands in the north, seriously guys if you're getting married and want an amazing band, these are the guys you need!

Daughter Georgia is a complete darling, I can't wait to meet the other members of the family who couldn't be with us due to school!

I loved this one of her peeking from behind Fimbo!

Kelly, Jon and Georgia, I am literally doing a happy dance for your wedding and can't wait, I just hope that the weather Gods are with us and a couple of celsius warmer would make all the difference!

See you on the 21st!


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Baby Jacks First Photoshoot {kids photographer newcastle}

Yesterday I went over to meet baby Jack who's aunt and uncle just happen to be the very lovely Stuart and Kate who's wedding I shot back in 2007.

Baby Jack is 12 weeks old and simply gorgeous, he has a big smiley personality and was an absolute joy to photograph, I even got me some baby cuddles which is a definite perk of the job!

Mummy and daddy love him so much.

but he's most definetly a daddys boy!

and the winner of cute expression of the week goes to....

Feeling clucky yet, I was after about 30 seconds!

Nothing better than baby smiles and giggles is there?

I know that Jacks mum and dad love these and it makes me so very happy, I have the best job in the world and I adore kids photography because you never quite know what you're going to get!

To book your kids shoot please call me on 07918 121838 or click through to my website.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Want to see what I got up to on my birthday?

Yes on Sunday I celebrated my 35th birthday, I'm really proud of being 35 for many reasons and of course close friends and family know why it's so awesome to have gotten here, I won't go into it all now but believe me when i say there were times when I never thought I would be 35!

So last week really was birthday week and I think we did something special every day, I really love my husband!

The climax of the week was a trip on the train to York, and here's the photos to prove it.

Paul asked me to do this to him, he fancied looking a bit Zombiefied!

Fave photo of him from Sunday

York was gorgeous as ever but Oh My Goodness Freezing too!

We went to Bettys and they even brought me out a birthday cake after the girls told them why we were there.

I spotted this sign in the York Castle Museum, consider yourself a lucky bride if you get a hoover as a wedding present ;)

No one could take a photograph of me which was in focus due to the way I have my focus button separated from the shutter so this is my official 35th birthday portrait! Sorry to anyone who hates these type of photographs ;)


When we came out of the Minster it was snowing.

A wonderful birthday!

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