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Friday, December 26, 2008

Can you say perfect Christmas?

Happy Christmas and yuletide love from all the Charltons, we had such a fun packed day yesterday here's just a few of the highlights, by the way if you want to see all the photographs in the collection just click on one to be taken to the Facebook album.

The day started just after 8.10am with 3 and a half hours of present opening (we did have 2 breaks though). Abigail was delighted with Maths training for the DS.

Whilst Looby thought these magic jumping beans were just the best thing ever!

Iain actually celebrated his usual Christmas meltdown, LOL

Bless them, they all got exactly what they wanted and lots more beside.

Abigails star present was her first proper camera and she's having so much fun using it.

Looby of course got the usual selection of dollies etc.

and Paul by the looks of this got something to clean his ears with!!

Looby got a hat.

Later in the day we played Bingo for prizes.

Looby at the age of 5 was the star bingo caller and I won on this hand, I won a dinosaur puzzle, LOL

later on Looby once more entertained us with her new Christmas dressing up

whilst Abigail gave Sally our foster kitten a great big cuddle, sally goes to her new owners next week and we'll miss her.

Ever the comic, I think she gets it from her daddy.

speaking of whom, I think he was more than a little tipsy at this point.

Looby with her medical playset, she tells us that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

We had such a super Christmas day it was just the best ever. Today it's just hubby and I as the kids are off having Christmas number 2 with their grandparents. it's been a relaxing day and Paul is having lots of fun playing on his star present Guitar Hero Legends of Rock, I would play too but I am rubbish, I love music but I don't like Rock Music and I play the piano not the guitar, I think I'll look forward to Guitar Hero the High School Musical edition!! LOL


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