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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lots and Lots to Tell....

I really have been so very busy I've hardly had time to draw breath!

So on Saturday we really got down to starting the total renovation of our house, not an easy task considering the size, we were pretty certain that as long as we could get the Livingroom done we really could cope with the rest of the house until after Christmas. For pretty much 3 solid days we decorated (baring in mind that I had a photoshoot in that time as well!) at at 1am this morning we finally had a room we love.

Gone is the hideous carpet and we welcome with open arms the painted Chocolate Brown floorboards, gone are the peach walls and we welcome the wholemeal walls with our accented Autumn Red wall!

We now have a contemporary fireplace, I've never had a fireplace before so thats probably one of my most exciting things! Wanna See?
Thats my fireplace and my new wholemeal walls.

I won't bore you all with too many photos but this afternoon after spending the day with Abigails Year 1 class at Whitehouse Farm having a festive animal frenzy we decided that on the way home we would buy our Christmas tree, a beautiful 6ft Nordman Fir decorated by the children (although they were banned from using anything that wasn't gold or red!!) all we have to do now is buy a new angel as our current one is Silver and doesn't go!

There's still one thing missing from the livingroom and thats all the family photos, I need new frames and new photos as well as a couple of canvases so thats my project for the next couple of months!

You know what, I think it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

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