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Friday, December 21, 2007

Favourite 2007 Moments....

As my 2007 season powers down I'm reminded of all the great moments I've had the joy of shooting this year, it's been a great first season for weddings and a successful second year or portraiture. I've grown immensely this year and I never stop learning thanks to the wonderful photographers I get to mix with. over the next week or so I'll be sharing some of my favourite images of 2007, some of which have been shared before and some (like todays) are brand-spanking new!!

Stuart and Kates Wedding-256.jpg
This photo is from my last wedding and I love the intimate feel of the photo, it's not the easiest shot I've ever taken in fact I couldn't even have done this on my own. I need to say a big thanks to my assistant Nigel who held the lighting set up that we had to achieve this shot. I think it has a vintage feel and it's a look that I love, it's a look I also used here in a photo which I've shared before.
Nixie-34.jpg This one didn't use the lighting set up because it was 10am but it's a look which I'm hoping to spread through more of my work in 2008.

2008 is shaping up to be my biggest year with lots already booked in, I do have some concessions though, if you are getting married in the early part of next year then I could well still be available so why not hop on over to Mandy Charlton Designs, contact me and I could be shooting your wedding or if you're a parent why not book yourself up some milestones shoots, these are very popular and you get 4 shoots in the next year of your precious ones life, plus of course I get to see them grow and develop and pinch hugs etc.... mwahahahaha

Let me just add that I've now widened my blog to show bigger photographs and I've changed the header, however, the joy that is Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like it so just to say that this blog is best veiwed using Firefox or if you're like me I use Flock

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