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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stop Wait a minute please Mr Postman!!!

It's just been one of those days which has seemed twice as long as it actually has been, i started work this morning and did a couple of hours and then spent the afternoon in bed with a migraine which had woken me up at 5am and refused to budge, I managed to get up at 3pm and did a couple more hours work after tea but i'm shattered, migraines certainly won todays fight! Oh and the people at the Yellow pages helped me part with nearly £200 for an advert in their directory from next July, my only consolation is that i can pay by direct debit and the first payment isn't due until next August!! They say that it should get me on average around 4 jobs a week which is 4 more than I'm getting at the moment but to be honest this is the first steps I've taken towards any publicity other than the website. I'm having a small personal self esteem crisis at the moment and before the guy from yellow pages rang i was actually wondering if i should bother trying to launch my own business, I realise that all of this, the headache, the self esteem, the self disbelief has all been brought on by the vitriolic letter from my parents and i'm going to try and get over it, i have therapy tommorrow and i'm actually taking the letter with me as I really value the unbiased opinion. lets see what she has to say.

Anyway, not to dwell, Paul finally got the confirmation that he starts work as a postman on the 20th of December so i want to dedicate todays post to my man, Darlington (thats my pet name for him! LOL) you know i love you and I'm os proud of you, we've both been so focused lately and we're changing our lives together, you are truly an inspiration and together i think we show that love truly can conquer all.

Photo is just a snapshot really, it'a daddy and Abigail having a quiet happy moment in a little grotto we found on holiday.

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Samantha said...

Just want to send a *Hug* to you :) I'm glad I have had the pleasure of becoming aquainted with you and I hope your day turns better! *hugs*

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