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Friday, November 30, 2018

How to throw the perfect Christmas Party

Christmas is nearly here and whilst it might be 25 sleeps until the big day, it's definitely the start of the Christmas Party season.  I throw one big party a year, it's always an annual Christmas party and it's talked about for the whole of the next year, well at least by my teenagers anyway, mostly recounting the ways in which I embarrassed them/myself/everyone.  Actually though, it's the best thing I do and I think I've got it figured out as a party host.

I think you see, there are some essentials that you need for a great Christmas party so let me share some with you now to aide and abet you in hosting the Christmas soiree of the year.

You've guessed it, no party is complete without my yearly signature cocktail and about 12 kilos of cheese.  Last year I made the perfect Cosmo as taught by the number 1 mixologist in the UK, this year I'll be making the most festive cocktail of all, I like to call it my Christmas Sparkle cocktail.

Christmas Sparkle Cocktail

1 Bottle of Prosecco
1 Bottle of sparkling red grape juice
Cranberries and halved red and white grapes

It's a really simple cocktail, it looks amazing having the halves  of grapes and the cranberries floating around and it tastes quite non-alcoholic so quaff not too much in one go and enjoy this sparkly festive delight.

Food is really important for parties and I like to cook for people, this year I'm turning my kitchen table into a giant grazing board but as it's quite a big table you'll have to come back after next weekend to see how that went, it's likely to be a smorgasbord of delights.

The Christmas Party Outfit

Essential to all good parties is what you're going to wear, this year I've chosen this beautiful burgundy jumpsuit by Coast from JD Williams, being regrettably larger than last year I'm delighted to have found something which is cut really well and doesn't make me look too rotund and it's got pockets which is an essential for me, I love outfits with pockets.  I actually love this outfit, if you see me over Christmas it's very likely that I'll be wearing it out to everything.

Looby also has her own sparkly party number, she saw this one on a recent trip to Saunsbury's and at just over £20 I think it's a bargain and she's also rocking the outfit, especially with her blue hair.

The Perfect Party Guests

So now we've figured out what we're eating, drinking and wearing, it's time to think about the guests, I guess I'm lucky that I don't have a great huge number of friends because by the time I invite my friends and the kids all invite theirs we still end up with between 20-30 people in my house but it's always pleasant, having a range of ages really keeps it light and lovely.  I have the best friends who all know how to party and none of them mind if I suddenly announce that I'm going to bed at 11pm, in fact last year when I did that, I heard a few of them were still there quite happily quaffing and chatting until 2am!  Just don't forget to source some emergency seats and you're sure to have the best time ever.



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