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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Finally a meal that everyone loves, no one complained at all and Looby actually brought her plate back for seconds, it was definetly a rush for the camera moment but sadly I was too busy cooking pancakes for the five of us, I did eventually manage to get one and they were yummy, one of my most favourite meals of the year. Don't get me wrong we do occasionally have pancakes for breakfast but usually those are the big thick american ones, you know sort of like a drop scone so I get to cook up a huge plate (we put sultanas in and just a little sugar) and then we all sit round the table butter them and enjoy one of our famous Charlton family breakfasts, now these don't happen to often as they involve everyone being in one place at the same time but we do try and have them on special occasions, anymore and I think we would all be 3 stone heavier, being that they usually include bacon, sausage, potato scones, scrambled eggs and beans/tomatoes/mushrooms, oh and usually some toast for good measure. I remember our holiday in the highlands, I was always up first which is so unlike me but the mountains energised me and we had proper breakfast the whole week, all whilst sitting round the table, Looby in her car seat as she was only a few months old, watching the birds at the window boxes and the sun come up from behind the munroes. When I am old and grey, I hope I can be old and grey somewhere as beautiful as the highlands. The photo on this entry is of a layout I did a about a week or so ago when we were at the park and saw our first snowdrops and
crocuses reminding us that even though today it snowed (for all of 2 minutes) spring is most definetly on it's way.

Still No Snow, great photos and fabulous friends

Good Morning,

well still none of the promised snow, in fact it's astoundingly cold, crisp and beautifully clear today, am praying for even just a little, I love taking photos of the kids messing about in the snow but we haven't any this year, even when it did snow just after Christmas the temperature had dropped to minus 10 and it was too cold and hard to play in.

I just entered the month Photographic competition on with this wonderful photo of Looby, the subject this month was emotions so I think it qualifies, i'm not banking on winning any prizes but hey if you don't try then you have no chance!

In other news i received the most wonderful parcel of goodies from my friend today, I had loaned her a copy of CK and she sent back a plethora of wonders back, she really made my day, she made me the most wonderful pocket/tag book and i was just gobsmacked by the sentiment, It's a wonderful feeling knowing that someone actually spent their own free time making something for you.

Oh I also received my copy of this months Creative Scrapbooking, one of my friends has an astounding 3 layouts in this month, I'm really chuffed for her, she's a lovely lady and I really hope that she manages to find fame and fortune in the scrapping world soon.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A layout for teatime!

Yes I have been so inspired by Elsie Flannigan at the moment, I love her work, all that doodling and hand drawn stuff, well I've never been a doodler but i really wanted to have a go of this and here it is featuring my delicious daughter Looby. I am so chuffed with this as it's so far away from my usual style with exception of the primas of course. Posted by Picasa

mummy and L having fun

Had to share this great photo of Looby and I having loads of fun this morning, I was tickling her to death at the time! Posted by Picasa

argghh to the links and nap time

Ok so it all looks easy enough, post links to your favourite sites, it shows where you have to pop them in the template but it's all in HTML which quite frankly is harder to learn than chinese, I am so completely lost and none of my links work, I suppose I'll get there in the end but OMG writing with pen and paper would have quite frankly been so much easier :D

My little L is taking a nap at the moment, it's funny but when her sister was off last week she never needed a nap but just after 1pm this afternoon she crashed and there's still no sign of movement!

I have such a headache today, I suspect that it's due to boredom, we have no money and therefore we can't do anything and therefore we are bored beyond belief, I can't beleive just how much the car cost to go through it's MOT last week, no new stash for me, I haven't had any new stuff for ages and though i probably have too much to start with, I find that if I don't have a constant supply of new products I find it kind of hard to get inspired, I'm sure it must be an addiction of some kind.

Oh well thats looking like naptime is over, L is just waking up....

Cats and wires

So we have this cat, she's quite adoreable, we got her when she was just 6 weeks old, she's called Poppy and everyone loves her but there's just one problem, she likes to eat wires, doesn't matter what sort she's not too fussy, the other day it was the wire to my wire free router and then this morning she ate through the power cable to the router and as if that wasn't enough the wire to my laptop power supply, grrrr, P is busy trying to repair the power supply before my battery runs out, it may well finish me off if he can't repair it! :D

I think we may need top buy her some kind of Cat adventure land being that she's a house cat she doesn't get out and tempted as I am to let her start going out and about I couldn't face life without the little minx.

If only she would start eating Bills :D

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The world of blogs!

I recently discovered just how fulfilling it is to read blogs, yes it does take a few hours at a time up because it's addictive to a fault, I just can't help myself, I just love to know what goes on in peoples lives and particularly lives of scrappers, i want to know what they're doing, what they're scrapping and whats new in the scrapping world. Because of this I find myself even more addicted than usual to the gals blogs on as they're the ones who get all the fab things first, they go to classes with Heidi Swapp and Ali Edwards and they're using the latest products, products which at this time I am still drooling over and unable to obtain. I guess I get a bit envious too as they all seem so happy and have better houses, better families and better scrapping spaces, yes I covet and yes I know thats wrong. I bet none of the 2peas girls do the same with us UK scrappers, i bet they think OMG thats so last month, or OMG I didn't even know they still made that! In quiet moments I often dream of having a large american house right next to the scrap store where Heidi just happens by to be teaching a class, oh and did I mention that Becky Higgins lives just next door and likes to come crop with me. Nice dream eh?

Welcome to my Blog

Wahey, welcome to my blog, I have to admit to trying this before and it all went relatively well for a while but then I forget to post or I get bored, what can I say I have a low boredom threshold and for me I can never understand why people would want to read about my so called life, all the peoples blogs I read seem to have far more exciting and fruitful lives!

Anyway it's Sunday morning and P, my lovely hubby is off playing footie, his last Sunday league game of the season, they have done quite well and made it to the cup final, he plays in centre mid-field I think, can't be too sure as I really don't get football in any way shape or form but hey if it keeps him happy then I'm happy! Thats him up the top of the post! I made that layout when I was teaching an online class at a recent cyber-crop, I love that photo, I needed one quick, took 2 shots and caught that beauty, I think he's gorgeous but then I am biased!

SO whats instore for all of us for the rest fo the day, well it's a pyjama day today so I'm just slopping about in my casuals and I'll be cooking Sunday dinner when P comes home, hopefully victorious!

Right well I think I have rambled enough for now so I'll be back later.
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